Thursday, 2 August 2012

Sign petition regarding Muslims in Myanmar to UN

The violent persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar at the hands of Burmese extremists budhists monks, the military, police and politicians is seeing thousands of people injured, displaced and killed. They require urgent protection, assistance and humanitarian aid -- and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon all are still silent on this criticle issue.Sign petition Now !!

If this Happens to christians or zionists and even a single can be slaughtered then UNO will take imediate action. Also its seems to be prepalanned killings and slaughtering of Muslims rohingya because multinational companies want to make blocks in rohingya for cruide oil and other natural resources, and india is also involved in it.

Security forces along with Rakhine Buddhist groups are looting and burning Rohingya properties under Act 144. Police and groups of Rakhine have started arson attacks, looting properties, destroying houses and killing the innocent Rohingya children, women and men. Some reports indicate that thousands of their houses have burnt down, over 1000's people have been killed, and more than 10,000's wounded and thousands more rendered homeless. 

When they sought asylum in neighbouring Bangladesh and Thailand, they were rejected.

The photos and stories coming from Myanmar are shocking and unbearable. Beside this Pak Armed forces and government has not issued any statement yet which is horible. But the story has attracted little attention in the international media. But UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon can call for an immediate resolution to condemn these killings and send UN peacekeepers to protect them. Sign the petition now!

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