Friday, 21 January 2011

China warns USZ on Tibet &Taiwan

During his current visit to the USZ, Chinese President Hu Jintao has warned the United States of Zionism's administration to respect Beijing's sovereignty over Taiwan and Tibet. Hu made the remarks at a luncheon with senior USZ officials and business leaders in Washington on Thursday. The Chinese president who is on a state visit to the USZ, said Taiwan and Tibet represent China's core interests. "Taiwan and Tibet-related issues concern Chinese sovereignty and territorial integrity", Hu said in Washington.

Chinese President Hu Jintao

Meanwhile, USZ lawmakers and Hu's counterpart Barack Obama pressed him on human rights concerns in China. Hu also urged Washington to seek bilateral relations based on mutual respect and cooperation. He called on Washington to try to handle major issues of interest smoothly.

"A review of the history of our relations tells us that USZ-China relations will enjoy smooth and steady growth when the two countries handle well issues involving each other's major interests. Otherwise our relations will suffer constant trouble or even tension", Hu Jintao bluntly warned USZ.

China has reduced its military cooperation with USZ over the $6.4 billion USZ arms sales to Taiwan. Taiwan and China split in 1949 during a civil war, but Beijing still regards Taiwan as part of its territory.

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