Friday, 21 January 2011

Do not give up yet

Life is a perplexing phenomena, though it can be seen in two different ways; a temporary burden or a gift from Allah.

People in our society are going through a hard time because of the series of constant social and financial humiliations in which the government has played an important part to bring them about. These circumstances have forced such people to believe that they are destined for failure. Therefore, they may take wrong decisions at crucial points in life which may be regrettable and sheer torment. These kind of people consider each failure to be a devastating blow to their pride and go as far as committing suicide to escape the injustices of life which is strongly forbidden in our religion. According to the Human Rights Commission in Pakistan, HRCP, more than 1,600 people committed suicide in an annual report for 2009. Bills and prices of basic commodities have increased, making the number of suicides increase among unemployed youths and the poor.

Low wages and a whole series of price rises is causing a rise in depression among the population. While some people were not in such bad conditions but they have now come face to face with such problems. Their hopes have shattered into a million pieces, crippling them mentally. This only deteriorates the situation, instead such problems should be handled calmly and carefully.

An inspirational personality known to us is Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم, the Man blessed with an unbelievable character. It was the event of boycott of the Bani Hashim when the Muslims had to face the worst to continue their faith. The Muslims withdrew to a narrow valley known as Sheb Abi Talib after the boycott was enforced. Weeks and months had passed, and the people of Hashim lived in misery and hunger. The ban was so rigorously enforced that the Muslims were reduced to eating acacia leaves and the cries of hungry children reverberated all over the valley. The caravans passed peacefully through the streets of Makkah but the Quraish told the merchants not to buy from or sell anything to the two forsaken clans. This resulted to the prices being pegged so high that it was extremely impossible for the beleaguered people to purchase even their basic necessities. The decree of proscription lasted for three years and for the same number of years Bani Hashim and Bani Abdul Muttalib lived in exile and endured the hardships of a blockade. Some kind-hearted people from the Quraish secretly supplied food. The Muslims demonstrated an extraordinary level of patience.

Patience is highly appreciated by Allah Almighty. On the contrary, one should find a way towards a virtuous life. See it as a channel of discovery and innovation. Success is a vexed issue, yet it is achievable by starting to optimistically believe that all problems are always surmountable. However, one should have the spirit to believe that the sky is the limit and should have the determination to achieve goals set in life. Move step by step, carefully planning each one and use each failure as a stepping stone for the next move.

Above everything, one must keep this in his mind that this world is mortal and the real success in this life is not possible without establishment of the Islamic System Of State(Caliphate). The solution to all our current problems comes from this single success for which we need to strive. Even in the time of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, the Muslims kept on suffering until they finally established an ideal Islamic state in Madina and then onwards the sufferings of Muslims ended abruptly due to ultimate justice in the society.

Written by: Sarah Ssmq
Edited by: Enticing Fury

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