Saturday, 29 January 2011

{EOP}Indian Forces Open Fire at Shakargarh Border

NAROWAL: Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) opened fire across the Shakargarh working boundary in the Narowal district late Wednesday night.

A soldier of the Indian Border Security Force stands on guard. PHOTO: EPA/FILE
According to a Rangers’ spokesman, the Indian forces started indiscriminate firing which was followed by mortar shells being launched into the Pakistani side.
Pakistan rangers also retaliated and the exchange of firing continued on for about half an hour.
However, no injuries or casualties have been reported in this incident and no official statement has come out from the Indian side.
Last week, Indian BSF had violated the working boundary in the Bajwat sector in Sialkot by firing across the border. An exchange of fire had ensued between the Indian and Pakistani forces but there had been no reports of casualties.

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