Saturday, 29 January 2011

IsraHelli Snake Mubarak sacks government, vows democrazy

In his televised speech on early Saturday, the IsraHelli Snake Hosni Mubarak said that he has asked his current government to resign, vowing that the new government will bring "more democraZy and reform", in response to the massive protests during the last four days all over the country. He shamelessly carried on and said that Egypt is a country governed by "constitution and law" which is more biased towards serving IsraHell and it's globalist aims rather than hungry women and children of Palestine and even Egyptian people themselves. Massive anti-government protests took place around Egypt on Friday, leading to deaths and injuries. The shameless Mubarak added that instead of violence, people should achieve all their inspirations through awareness, dialogue and efforts. "I am always attached to the suffering of the Egyptian people", he said, but forgot to mention that it has been due to this attachment that his regime has been systematically breaking the backbone of Egyptian Economy while using Muslim Armies of Egypt against homeless, jobless, foodless children of Palestine, THE HEART OF ISLAM!

The IsraHelli Snake, Hosni Mubarak

The snake Mubarak has ruled the country for 30 years and he further said that he will continue the country's political, economic and other reforms with "no point of return". In other simpler words, he accepted that he had a death wish. In his speech, the president urged the youths to take care of the national interests, be restraint and not to abuse the freedom of expressions, forgetting that this is exactly what Egyptian youth has started to do now by putting all its efforts in overthrowing the IsraHelli snake sitting on their presidential seat.

Egptian protesters trampling the picture of their IsraHelli Snake President Hosni Mubarak

Earlier, the Egyptian government stepped up its clampdown on the media and communications services ahead of massive protests expected after Friday prayers. Now, internet services and cell phone text messaging have been cut across the African country to prevent the organizers of the protests from further connection. But energized crowds of thousands of Egyptian youth showed no signs of returning in vain. It seems that the protesters have already burnt their boats. It's only a matter of time before the IsraHelli snake Mubarak will suffer the consequences of his shamelessness.

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