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{EOP}Mumbai Terrorism – Hindutva & Zionism (Part-II)

By Jonathan Azaziah
The Groundwork II: Mossad’s 1993 ‘Bombay’ Bombings
On March 12th, 1993, a series of 13 bombings rocked the city of Mumbai (known then as Bombay). These dastardly, murderous attacks took the lives of more than 250 innocents and injured over 700 others. The Hindutva regime blamed billionaire gangster Dawood Ibrahim for the attack, an Al-Qaeda linked terrorist according to the Zionist-occupied United States government (29). Why did Ibrahim and his associates terrorize Bombay on that fateful day? Retaliation for the demolition of the Babri Masjid of course. This is a classic example of the Hegelian Dialectic: Problem, Reaction, Solution. The Hegelian Dialectic is a common tactic used by the Zionist entity to spread division and deception (30). The very fact that the Babri Masjid demolition was used as a pretext by a ‘terrorist’ organization to wage ‘holy war’ against the Hindutva entity should be enough to raise red flags and expose the fraudulent mainstream account.
Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, Ibrahim cannot be linked to Al-Qaeda because Al-Qaeda does not exist (31). Secondly, the Zionist media spread propaganda regarding Ibrahim’s connections to a non-existent organization to mask who he is really connected to: America’s international mass murder organization, the CIA (32). Ibrahim has been affiliated with the agency since Operation Cyclone ravaged (what is now) occupied Afghanistan, collaborating with it in gambling schemes, arms dealing and narcotics peddling (33). The CIA actively engaged in blocking Indian authorities from arresting Ibrahim for his plethora of other criminal activities (34). Thirdly, the weapons used in the Bombay bombings, along with the sophistication and coordination of the attacks, could only be the work of a well-trained squad of international intelligence operatives. Mossad’s name is written all over the mayhem.
The 13 Bombay bombings were carried out with two very specific types of ordnance: car bombs and suitcase bombs. The suitcase bomb has long been described as a weapon of ‘Islamic extremists’ by the Zionist media since time immemorial; some, but most certainly not all of the propagandists include Zionist David Frum, war criminal George Bush’s former speech writer (35), Jerusalem Post, the mouthpiece newspaper of the Zionist entity itself (36), infamous anti-Muslim bigot, hatemonger, warmonger and Zionist extremist Daniel Pipes (37), chief Zionist propaganda asset and 9/11 criminal Charles Krauthammer (38), Zionist multimedia giant Time Magazine (39), operated by Zionist Jeffrey Bewkes who has been honored by the American Jewish Committee (40), as well as the vile Simon Wiesenthal Center (41), and the disgraceful Zionist organization, Christian Action for Israel (42).
The only extremists that use suitcase bombs however, contrary to Zionist propaganda, are those who are employed by the Mossad. The Israeli agency used the suitcase bomb as a ‘dirty trick’ to implicate the enemies of the Zionist entity in the Lockerbie false flag, which wrongfully imprisoned and ruined the life of Libyan citizen, Abdelbaset Mohmed Ali al-Megrahi (43). CIA regional officials in Houston uncovered a Mossad plot to detonate suitcase bombs in an oil refinery as another false flag to be blamed on Muslims; the head of the regional investigation team was later assassinated by Mossad (44). Mossad has used the suitcase bomb in high-level paramilitary operations and assassinations throughout the Middle East (45). The device was crucial to the success of Mossad’s murderous operation on the Kikambala hotel in Kenya in 2002 (46). Mossad also used suitcases to coordinate its now infamous assassination of Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai (47). It was a frequent weapon used by Palestinian traitor Abu Nidal in several of his operations; Nidal has been exposed as a Mossad agent (48). The Hindawi affair, a plot designed to blow up a London airliner with a suitcase bomb, has also been exposed as an Israeli intelligence operation (49).
It is merely academic at this point, after decades of usage, to state that the car bomb is the signature of Mossad. If a car has exploded, Mossad is the detonator; the car bomb has been used by the Zionist entity for sanguinary operations and assassinations across the globe, most prominently in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon (50) and now Yemen (51).
An Israeli consulate has been fully functional in Mumbai since 1953 (52). Indian spymaster and defacto founder of RAW Rameshwar Nath Kao had been the liaison between Indian and Israeli intelligence through this consulate since RAW was created in 1968; the consulate provided cover for all cooperative, covert Mossad-RAW operations (53). The Israeli consulate is just mere blocks away from the Bombay Stock Exchange in Nariman Point, Mumbai’s business district, the target of the first car bomb on March 12th. The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport was also struck by explosives, only months after El Al opened up shop in Mumbai flying three flights per week out of Chhatrapati (as mentioned in the previous section). El Al is a common avenue used by Mossad as a cloak for their murderous operations of sabotage (54).
The Zionist entity’s markets and India’s markets, including the regimes’ stock exchanges have been linked closely due to several MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) signed after diplomatic relations became official in 1992 (55), and these economic linkages have deepened substantially since the Bombay bombings (56). The bombings only strengthened the economic relations between Hindutva and Zionism. It is intriguing to point out, that the hotels which were bombed (among others), are frequented by IOF soldiers after completing their ‘military’ service (57); over 20,000 IOF cowards travel to India yearly to escape the reality of dealing with the horrendous, inhumane crimes they’ve committed against innocent Palestinians (58).
Ibrahim isn’t the only CIA asset linked to the Bombay bombings; CIA agent David Headley has also been revealed to have a role in the attacks (59). This fact by itself obliterates the official Hindutva narrative, which oddly enough, has been obliterated already by former Indian Home Minister S.B. Chavan, who told two Pakistani diplomats in private meetings that he cleared Pakistan of any involvement in the bombings (60), going against the rulings of India’s kangaroo courts which wrongfully convicted over 100 individuals with no evidence (61), corrupted evidence (62), and malicious accusations against those mentally incapable of functioning as normal human beings, let alone ‘terrorists’ (63). What Chavan actually believed, was that an ‘international conspiracy’ orchestrated the deadly attacks on that fateful March 12th day (64).
Chavan’s assessment couldn’t be more accurate. The Bombay bombings were an international conspiracy indeed, with Mossad at the head, CIA as support and RAW providing schematics for the assault. A more sensible theory would be Mossad smuggling the explosives into Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport through El Al, Israeli soldiers and CIA agents, who are regular visitors to Bombay (to this day), unleashing the carnage in the streets with well placed car bombs and ordnance in the hotels and leaving false flags to blame Muslims, and all operatives involved slipping into the shadows without a trace as it was done with the Zionist Operation Wrath of God, which claimed the lives of several innocent Palestinians (65). The false flag attack also gave Mossad and CIA the platform that was needed to collect all of the necessary data through reconnaissance, to carry out the bloodbath on November 26th, 2008.
The attack was meant to firmly cement a foundation of cooperation between Zionism and Hindutva, as evidenced by the deepening of the ties directly before and after the assault. It was also used to provide a cover for the false flag attack against Babri, and increase the Indian people’s support of the fascist Hindutva government, which implemented several civil-liberty-violating policies in the aftermath of the Bombay blasts under the guise of ‘protecting the people from Islamic terrorism,’ most prominently the renewal and revamping of the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Prevention Act {TADA} (66). The BJP used this Orwellian law to set up a special court (67), that subsequently prosecuted fake terror suspects in kangaroo-style proceedings after the Bombay attacks.
7 years ago, Efraim Halevy, the former head of Mossad and the Israeli National Security Council, stated in an interview that ‘not one big success of the Mossad has ever been made public (68).’ The 1993 Bombay bombings fit the profile of one of these secret successes to a tee.
In 2006, 13 years after the infamous Mossad-CIA operation in Bombay, two events involving ‘terrorism’ rocked the Indian public: the July 11th train bombings in Mumbai, and the September 8th blasts at a Muslim cemetery in Malegaon.
The Groundwork III: July 11th Bombings and The Malegaon Blasts
The train bombings took place a day before the Zionist entity’s 34-day bombing campaign of Lebanon, which was foolishly aimed at eliminating the Lebanese Resistance movement of Hezbollah. Israel was thoroughly defeated militarily by the Resistance, but Tel Aviv still managed to murder more than 1,400 Lebanese civilians, 1/3 of which were children, with uranium bombs and cluster munitions (69). To cover up the sheer brutality against the dignified innocents of Lebanon, the Zionist media instead focused on the ‘Islamic terror’ in Mumbai, reporting on the developments throughout the 34 days of Israel’s genocidal madness (70). The train bombings killed 209 people, in addition to injuring over 700 others (71), and of course, were blamed on Pakistani ‘Jihadist terrorists’ connected to Al-Qaeda (72).
A group of Mumbai intellectuals and activists outright rejected the Al-Qaeda theory, stating it is simply a name used to provide cover for operations carried out by Mossad and the CIA. They stated that every attack carried out in India is used to spread international hatred for Muslims, Islam itself and to weaken the Indian Muslim community (73). Several of India’s top Muslim leaders, including Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari, the leading cleric of India’s famous Jama Masjid, blasted the Hindutvadi authorities for conducting a ‘witch-hunt,’ raiding Muslim communities and establishing surveillance outposts which violated the civil rights of India’s Muslim citizens. They also made it severely important to note that there wasn’t a drop of evidence indicating who exactly conducted the attacks (74).
However, the intellectuals, activists, clerics and community leaders would be vindicated soon enough. It was revealed nearly 3 months to the day after the attack, that the police had no ‘firm’ evidence of Muslims being behind the train bombings, and the 7 suspects in custody retracted their confessions which were forced by the Mumbai police (who were under immense political pressure) to begin with (75).
Who was behind the baneful Mumbai train bombings then? None other than the usurping Zionist entity’s Mossad, who carried out the attacks and left false flags which framed Islam, to secure a massive security contract with local and state Hindutva administrations to protect ‘religious’ shrines (76).
Malegaon is a city of more than 700,000 with a 75% Muslim population, which has been a target of the radical Hindutva organization Bajrang Dal, the youth wing of VHP, one of the criminal groups that planned the destruction of the Babri Masjid (as mentioned in the previous section). Bajrang Dal has bombed mosques on several occasions, incited violent riots, destroyed copies of the Holy Qur’an and erected bomb-making facilities throughout the city (77). While the blasts were typically blamed on ‘Islamic militants’ and Muslim suspects were later detained (78), India’s Central Bureau of Investigation has now admitted that the suspects were wrongfully imprisoned and that the investigators had absolutely no evidence linking the accused to the Malegaon blasts (79). Apart from the utter lack of evidence, it is beyond nonsensical to think that Muslims would bomb a Muslim cemetery next to a mosque, murdering 37 innocents and injuring over 100 others (80), on a Friday directly after prayers, on the Islamic holy night of Laylat al-Bara’ah; especially when police have admitted that the attack followed the pattern of the aforementioned Hindutva terror outfit, Bajrang Dal (81).
The truth cannot be attained about the Malegaon blasts without the most damning piece of evidence being addressed: Indian police have admitted that the same explosives that were used in the 7/11 Train Bombings in Mumbai, were used in the September 8th Malegaon blasts (82), bringing Mossad right to the forefront as the perpetrators. Due to the location of the attack matching the practices of Bajrang Dal, the explosives used in the mass murder being the identical ordnance used by Mossad in the July attacks, and the frightening, malevolent admiration that Bajrang Dal, which has hinted at cooperating with the Mossad, has for the Zionist agency (83), it is ominously clear that the 2006 Malegaon blasts were another successful Zionism-Hindutva operation.
This terror isn’t the last that Malegaon would see. In 2008, just two months before the game-changing events in Mumbai, Malegaon would be struck again, in an assault that is integral to the perpetration of the 26/11 false flag.
Jonathan Azaziah is an Iraqi, Moroccan-Hebrew, Russian MC, poet, activist and writer from Brooklyn, New York currently residing in Florida. His articles, poems and music predominantly deal with international Zionism and the effects that it has on the world’s oppressed people. His mixtape, Take The Red Pill Volume 2: Disarm The Octopus will be available for download soon.

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