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West - where Technology & Darkness prevail

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By our deeds and blunders we have given birth to such a hell that whoever is living inside it, he's burning in its dazzling heat and it's ill-smelling smoke is choking his breath. And those who leave from here, no matter how much pain they are put into then, no matter how homeless they feel, no matter how much discrimination they have to undergo by the local citizens of that foreign territory, no matter how much they fear the misleading of their children, yet they feel more at comfort there than in this hell. They cry missing their homeland yet they fear while coming back home. Fear of getting killed on the roads of this country for no reason terrorizes them. Fear of getting kidnapped for ransom makes their hair stand in horror. Forced bribery for everything ranging from minor daily activities to big tasks haunts them. Therefore they reach the conclusion that this country is not fit for living. It's better to send money to their relatives living here, give charity to the social institutions of this country to collect some reward for the day of judgement and if possible, or better pull their relatives out from this country and make them settle abroad. They think that if possible, it's good to not even imagine coming to this country let alone living in this hell.

This ideology is getting more and more concrete in those minds. From worldly perspective, this point of view is somewhat true as well as realistic. It's natural that human beings will prefer living where there is peace, satisfaction, financial benefits and a secure family future. But what horrifies me is that we Muslims, due to our own corruptness and moral demise, are injecting this evil ideology into our dead brains that "whatever moral, social and cultural values the west has adopted, only those values can assure mankind reaching its pinnacle. Only that kind of society can give peace to the humanity. Islam and it's worldly values are nothing more than a dream which we've been having for centuries now and we'll continue having this dream for several more centuries to come. In reality we are nothing more than a group of people who are dishonest, thieves, kidnappers, head cutters of each other, killers of each other by calling Kafir, cheaters, storage mafias and more. We are not even worthy of discussing ourselves with pride in front of the world."

Map of Islamic world today

What surprises me is that this seed of uncertainty has only been sowed in the hearts of MUSLIMS through a long pseudo-intellectual campaign. Because people from all poor nations and nations full of violence migrated and settled in west. Africa, where famines are common and upto 1 million people die in a single tribal war; India whose population of western immigrants is the largest in the world; none of them has ever seen his religion, country and territory with such disgust that a particular group of so called Muslims does. It's the same group of Muslims (who are mainly only Muslims by name) that is dazzled by the fake light of west and then thinks, feels and expresses in their words.

I was caught up in these thoughts that Holy Prophet s.a.w's saying blessed me with light of guidance. Holy Prophet s.a.w said:

"When a Muslim, thinking of himself as a true Muslim, will go to Dajjal (Anti-Christ) then by evening, he'll be caught up in these thoughts of uncertainty and confusion that am I true or not (is Islam true or not?)".

Now take a close look at this saying full of wisdom and guidance and doors after doors of stunning hidden realities will start opening on your consciousness. This saying means that an atmosphere of uncertainty and confusion will be established. West will create such a powerful and inspiring society that no matter how much solid a Muslim's faith is, as soon as he'll go near these societies, his faith will be shaken to the core and he'll start asking himself whether Islam is on the right path or not? Are we wrong or are they wrong?

The reason behind this confusion and uncertainty is not only the demise of our moral values and extremely horrifying character, but also the lack of that divine wisdom about which Holy Prophet s.a.w said:

Fear a Muslim's divine wisdom because he sees with nothing but the glorious light of Allah.

What's more tragic is the fact that the true divine knowledge that actually sparks divine wisdom and grants Allah's guidance to a Muslim, that is least common today in those people who are holding the flag of my religion. That is why they are fighting amongst themselves over various translations and derivations of Allah's book (Al-Qur'an) and baseless problems of Fiqah. In reality the divine wisdom actually comes from that character by seeing which people automatically know whose ummati this person is, in fact people utter it themselves.

When Holy Prophet s.a.w stood on the hill of Safah presenting his invitation, the first question he asked to the people was:

"I have lived my life amongst you. How do you all find me?"

The entire Mecca uttered unanimously, "Truthful and Honest". The next question that  Holy Prophet s.a.w asked was:

"If I say that an army is ready to attack you from behind that small hill then would you all believe me?"

All the people once again uttered unanimously, "Why not, because you (s.a.w) have never lied in your life". This is the way of our beloved Holy Prophet s.a.w and the true way of inviting non-Muslims towards Islam. But we have become such a nation where religious preachers spit fire towards each other while pointing fingers towards each other in animalistic rage. In a single Jumah sermon, in a single religious preaching gathering, in a single Mailaad conference, nobody stands up and asks others that do they see any flaw in him, any bad habit, any sign of arrogance, slander, ethnicity etc. But on the contrary if someone else blames us, our tongues spit such disgraceful garbage that Allah Forbid. Holy Prophet s.a.w also said that, "He who lost politeness, lost everything" (Muslim, Abu Dawud). Holy Prophet s.a.w was asked about ethnicity, he replied: "Supporting and defending the cruelty of one's nation" (Abu Dawud). And Holy Prophet s.a.w said it beautifully that: "After getting guidance, only those nations are led astray who develop the habit of fighting (amongst each other)" (Tirmizi).

But those who possess vision, say like Iqbal:

یورپ میں بہت روشنئ علم و ھنر ھے
(There is a lot of technical knowledge and worldly luminosity in the west)
حق یہ ھے کہ بے چشمہ حیواں ھے یہ ظلمات
(In reality, their light has turned men into animals living in deep darkness)

Mass murders of civilian villagers in Vietnam by USZ and allied forces

Europe has lost all its human values in the unreachable depths of its pitch darkness. Those people who are enlightened by the glamor and dazzle of west and as a result lose their faith in Allah, if Allah grants them with vision then they'll be shocked that the light that has shaken their faith is in fact darker than the darkness itself. World's largest storage mafias live in the west who store food for the sake of earning higher profits without caring about billions dying of famines and extreme hunger worldwide. Africa grows ten times more crop today than it used to do 50 years back yet the African people are dying of hunger and famines because their entire crop area belongs to a handful of Multi-National Corporations. West, who has murdered billions of living human beings for the sake of selling its weapons and running its military industrial complexes. When it gets kicked out of Vietnam, it lands into South America and when it pulls out from there, it lands once again in Iraq and Afghanistan. West, where $80 BILLION WORTH INDUSTRY REVOLVES AROUND WOMAN. From her toe nails to her head hair, no spot remains which has not been publicized in "free" market in the name of fashion in front of hungry animalistic religionless men of their societies worldwide.

Genocide in El Salvador by USZ and allied forces

West, where merchants of death sell life saving drugs costing a few pennies in reality, at rates as high as trillions of dollars in the name of PATENT. West, who attack with all their military might, on poor third world countries rich in natural resources, and impose corrupt puppet governments to steal their resources for free. West, who send their personals in war torn countries in the name of peace keeping and capture their resources. For centuries they have been trapping slaves who used to work in their fields and now they need intelligent and professional slaves therefore throughout the world, such people are rated and imported into the western territories. The same territories where 421 such people live who have been leeching the world's resources by using similar means and by now have so much wealth that if it is distributed in the world then not a single person in the entire world would remain without food. No person would die of unavailability of medicines in sickness, not a single person would remain deprived of knowledge in the state of ignorance. Not a single person would remain who would be without basic facilities of life.

Genocide in Africa by USZ and allied forces

This story of cruelty is very long. This is that looting, on the basis of which that inspiring society has been created. Full of hustle and bustle, well decorated, upon approaching which the mightiest of Muslims start getting confused whether they are wrong or the West is.

Written by: Orya Maqbool Jan sahb (Read original here)
Translated and edited by: Enticing Fury

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