Thursday, 20 January 2011

KESC fires 4000 employees

Karachi Electric Supply Company, KESC generates and supplies electric power in the metropolitan city of Karachi with the population of 17 million. The company employs 17,000 workers out of which 4000 have suddenly been fired as reported on Wednesday evening. The news has alarmed the workforce of the company with increased feelings of exasperation towards the act of indignation.

However, the KESC said that this is a strategic move which will help to improve the operational performance of the company and can now focus on its core objective of generation, transmission and distribution. In defense, the KESC press release is reported to have said that people working in "non-core jobs" were offered the scheme that closed on January 15.

KESC ex-employees demonstrating against firings

Moreover, the fired employees ravaged by grief strongly protested in front of the head office, furiously demanding to rehire them immediately. The protestors set cars aflame at the head office and also barged in the KESC building, causing the administration to shut down the non-management and non-technical departments because of the plunder.

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