Thursday, 20 January 2011

Telefilms فصیل جان سے آگے ۔ پاک فوج

Pakistan Army's ISPR has produced several telefilms entitled "فصیل جان سے آگے" based on true incidents and stories of young Pakistan Army mujahideen who sacrificed their lives in the war against foreign backed fascist terrorist forces in the recent battles.

Watch all these films on PTV Home on these dates and times:
  • 14 Jan at 7:40 pm PST
  • 21 Jan at 7:40 pm PST
  • 28 Jan at 7:40 pm PST
  • 4 Feb at 7:40 pm PST
  • 11 Feb at 7:40 pm PST
  • 18 Feb at 7:40 pm PST
InshAllah all the youtube links of these films will also be shared later on.

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