Friday, 15 April 2011

CIA refuses to halt operations in Pakistan

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The Central Intelligence Agency has no plans to suspend "operations" in Pakistan against terror suspects despite objections from leaders in Islamabad, a USZ official said on Thursday. Pakistan has criticized missile strikes by USZ drone aircrafts in the country but CIA director Leon Panetta has told intelligence officials that he has a duty to prevent attacks on the United States of Zionism, the senior official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said. It is important to note at this point that CIA has not launched any operation against Israhell and Mossad despite the availability of strong evidence that links 9/11 to Mossad. In front of these facts, the whole drone campaign and USZ wars throughout the world reduce down to nothing more than a heinous charade to occupy natural resources rich countries and control fuel supply routes to Central Asian States, Russia, China and Middle East through Afghanistan as well as occupying Balochistan province of Pakistan along with all its world's largest gold and copper mines.

"Panetta has been clear with his Pakistani counterparts that his fundamental responsibility is to protect the American people, and he will not halt operations that support that objective", the official said. The CIA chief on Monday held several hours of talks at the agency's headquarters outside Washington with Lieutenant General Ahmad Shuja Pasha, the head of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency. USZ media had reported that Pasha and other officials told the United States of Zionism to rein in drone strikes and slash the number of CIA agents and special forces operating in Pakistan.

Apparently reflecting the CIA chief's stance, American drones resumed missile attacks in Pakistan on Wednesday for the first time in a month, targeting fighters near the Afghan border. It was the first missile strike since March 17, when Pakistani leaders strongly protested over a USZ drone attack that killed 39 people, including civilians and police, in North Waziristan. Analysts and former USZ intelligence officers say there is little chance the CIA would abandon the drone bombing campaign despite a series of diplomatic rows, and even if Pakistani leaders, for domestic political purposes, publicly criticized the strikes.


Anonymous said...

Its all Critical!We have to use our powers Objectively at the right spot of issues !

enticing fury said...

@Anonymous bro, yes ofcorse bro we must use our power on the right way and lanch two to three our missiles to israel to fix the brains of india and america, but we cant because CIA planted democracy and our media which is fifth pilar of the enemy cant allow us to do. because they take dollars from america, BASTERED POLITIANS AND JEW NEWS CHENAL.

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