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{EOP}Libya's link to USZ economic collapse

What's NATO’s operation in Libya got to do with the previously impending shutdown of the USZ government which is still standing on shaky grounds? In short: a lot. And here's why. In Libya, fancy USZ weapon systems hammer the tanks and air-crafts of Muammar Gaddafi very successfully. Before that, the USZ war machine trampled the resistance put up by Iraq (twice), as well as by Afghanistan and Yugoslavia. In military terms there was no contest. It was clear from get-go that modern airplanes and missiles in the USZ/NATO arsenal would beat those antiquated air defenses roughly the way British machine guns mowed down tens of thousands of Sudanese Mahdist rebels roughly 100 years ago in the Battle of Atbara. Here's a caveat though. The USZ weapons used in all those wars were not exactly state-of-the-art. They surely were more modern than those of Saddam or, especially, the anti-aircraft guns of Mullah Omar. And, in a departure from the Atbara legacy where there was one machine gun per thousand attackers, this time the ratio is more like "one enemy – one gun."

F-22 Raptor
That raises a question. Why on Earth does the United States of Zionism need for instance the F-22 Raptor, the most modern plane in the world of those already mass produced and flying? On March 29, 2011 the USZ Government Accountability Office released figures indicating that, “Program acquisition unit costs for the F-22 Raptor have almost tripled, from $139 million to $412 million per airplane.” That the F-22 Raptor did not partake in the aerial campaign in Libya, despite expectations, would make sense – the “golden” machine is an air superiority fighter, not ground attack plane, it barely has that capability. The reported problems with the F-22's version of Multifunction Advanced Datalink – a network that allows NATO planes to communicate with each other- as well as reported technical glitches with this mega-expensive plane, are beyond the scope of this story.

The big question is why are they needed in principle – all 187 fifth-generation stealth air superiority fighters, designed to defeat any adversary in the skies? Initially designed to combat the Soviet planes in the 1980s (sic!), they stand as a shining example of why the United States of Zionism finds itself so much in debt. There are voices essentially saying that the F-22 program is nearly completed now that the USZ leads the rest of the world 187 to love in fifth generation fighters and you won't save nothing by wrapping it up now. Great. But there's another fifth generation fighter in the works – the F-35, currently estimated to cost around US$150M a piece. The United States of Zionism government expects to purchase some 2,400 F-35s from Lockheed Martin for an estimated USZ $323 billion. Wow. That simply makes it the Most-Expensive-Defense-Program- ever.

Overall according to the GAO 's assessment: "Since 2008, DOD's (USZ Department of Defense) portfolio of major defense acquisition programs has grown from 96 to 98 programs, and its investment in those programs has grown to $1.68 trillion!" That begs the fundamental question – to fight whom, exactly? If you look at defense spending in the rest of the world and assume that this is how you calculate who are potential enemies, it won't take you long to arrive to the conclusion that China, Russia and India are the only three countries among the top ten defense spenders not in a formal longstanding military alliance with the USZ. But their combined military expenditures are less than a third of those of the United States of Zionism. And the leaders of all three countries were given top flight receptions by globalist puppet President Obama in recent years, effectively marking them as America's friends.

They also happen to be big holders of the USZ national debt – effectively buying up the dollars that the USZ Treasury prints. And that brings us to the issue of debt and potential government shutdown. The budget of the United States of Zionism is fairly easy to read and understand. Roughly half of it goes to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid – in other parts of the world they are known as pensions and disabilities assistance. These are funded by separate laws and can't be changed at will. Another roughly quarter of the budget is military spending – and only the remaining quarter is everything else – from education to nature protection to science. Amazingly, when Obama speaks of his priorities in spending he lists "jobs, health care, clean energy, education, and infrastructure." Which bit of that plan includes spending on F-22s and F-35s? And why in that "guns versus butter" question, do guns in the USZ always, always seem to win. Make that "very expensive and unnecessary" guns.

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