Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Former CIA agent exposes 9/11 and Mossad links in her terrifying story

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Susan Lindaeur, former
CIA agent
Former CIA Asset, Ms Susan Lindaeur provides an extraordinary first hand account from behind the intelligence curtain that shatters the deception of George W. Bush about 9/11 and Iraq. In her recently released book “Extreme Prejudice”, Lindaeur casts a harsh spotlight on the working of the Patriot Act as the ideal weapon to harass and discredit dissidents and those insiders in the USZ intelligence agencies who know who committed the crime of 9/11.

In her book, Lindaeur exposed the Israhelli complicity in 9/11, the controlled demolition of the World Trade Centre and the specific detailed foreknowledge of the time target, the means of 9/11 attacks held throughout the month prior to 9/11 by the CIA in general and Lindaeur’s CIA handler, Richard Fuisz, in particular. She also exposed her first- hand knowledge of pre-war intelligence and negotiations showing that Iraq was willing to give the USZ “anything it asked” and that the war- from the perspective of USZ interests not only utterly unnecessary, but widely counterproductive. Lindaeur’s evidence points strongly to 9/11 being a coup d’etat by hard-line Zionist determined to steer the USZ into self-destructive war on Israhell’s enemies.

Extreme Prejudice by Susan Lindaeur,
available for download on Amazon
When Lindaeur started speaking, she was arrested for accepting a cheeseburger from an Iraqi diplomat. She was put in jail for 18 months without a hearing. Later , she was jailed at an Air Force base in Texas and threatened with indefinite confinement without trial. When Lindaeur managed to escape detention, she was accused of being delusional and a mental case. Fearing that she would tell the truth about 9/11 and Iraq, the USZ administration declined to persecute her in the court of law after long detention without trial on the plea that she was mentally disturbed. No USZ court could dare to take her case to compensate her for abusing her fundamental human rights and freedom. Yet, George W. Bush, the notorious member of Skull and Bones society of cult zionist black magic and freemasonry, said, “they hate us because we’re free.”

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