Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Pakistan Army outraged at NATO-USZ protecting TTP terrorists in Kunar Province of Afghanistan

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Fresh from a bloody victory against the CIA backed TTP terrorists in the rugged frontier outpost, the commander of Pakistani forces has lashed out at the NATO operation across the border in Afghanistan, where he says hundreds of TTP (CIA funded Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan) terrorists have sought refuge under the noses of American troops. Colonel Nauman Saeed, the commander of Pakistani forces in the Bajaur tribal agency, has led his men on a two-year campaign to drive out thousands of TTP militants and CIA backed millitants i.e., CIA's terror boogieman named Al-Qaeda. Pakistan lost 150 soldiers during the operation, which culminated in a battle over the militant headquarters in a series of tunnels dug out of rock. At the height of their power the CIA backed TTP terrorists collected taxes (which is absolutely un-Islamic!), ran a primitive justice system and used Bajaur as a base to build bombs. Colonel Saeed pointed to a map over his desk that showed an area marked in red where insurgents were still active along the border with Afghanistan’s Kunar province, which includes the Korengal Valley from where USZ forces have withdrawn.

“We not only feel frustrated, we feel let down”, he told The Times, adding that there was intelligence to suggest that 700 TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan) terrorists were just across the border.
“We still see no action (by the Americans). They are doing what they can do — we say they need to do more.”

His views, echoed by military and intelligence officers in Islamabad, mark a dramatic turn in the conflict. For years, America and Afghanistan accused the Pakistanis of not doing enough to tackle the insurgents on their territory. Since Pakistan began its campaign two years ago it is Islamabad that is complaining that America, NATO and the Afghan puppets are not pulling their weight. Colonel Saeed also criticised Western aid agencies that promised to help reconstruction and development in the tribal areas but have so far done little in his area of operations. “We have a share of the development budget and we have spent every penny,” he said. “But it is too little. The scale of what is needed is much bigger.”

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