Tuesday, 21 June 2011

{EOB} 20-Year-Old Kashmiri Boy a victim of Indian police brutality:Shining India

A 20 year old boy in Jammu and Kashmir is brutally tortured by the Indian police - leaving him partially paralysed. While the Chief Minister has ordered a probe into the matter - what is worse is that the police admit that there is no case against the victim. 

vishal is 20-years-old, but has to be dealt with like a child. Vishal - totally dependent on his mother for eating his food, drinking a glass of water or even to wear his clothes. "He is the only breadwinner of the family.We can't meet our expenses now.They have spoilt his life. There is lot of tension," Vishal's mother said.

Reduced to this sorry state due to atrocities by the police. Picked from his shop ,taken to Janipur police station and tortured. Recalling the episode, Visha said, "Three to four policemen hanged me from my arms and hit me. I kept pleading with them but they did not listen. They told me to confess that I had bought stolen gold chains."

Torture that caused muscle rupture leaving Vishal's arms partially paralysed.

When Times Now asked the police some officers denied the incident outright. Deepak Pathania, SHO, Sarwal Police post said, "I don't know why he has named me. The case does not fall under the jurisdiction of my police station. There are so many pending cases in my area, why will I take up some else's work?"

But there were some who admitted that there was no case against Vishal. "Yes, there is no case against the boy.We did not call him & did not torture him,"

TIMES NOW also raised Vishal's case with the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah who said, "I will ask the Home department to probe the matter.This is the first time I am hearing about this case."

But that's no solace for Vishal who has been rendered physically challenged because of police brutality.

Originally Published at THE TIMES OF INDIA [link]

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