Tuesday, 21 June 2011

{EOB}Altaf Hussain's letter To His Masters Asks help in disbanding Pakistan's ISI.

WRITER | XLI CODEAltaf Hussain's letter sent to Tony Blair in 2001 in which he asks UK's help in disbanding Pakistan's ISI. Such enemies of Pakistan need to be shredded to death!

Altaf hussain is the most dangerous terrorist of the Sindh and Karachi, he offers collect rupees from people by force on every weak. He also killed severals innocents up there, also 250 above murdered cases on him. His party (MQM) is totally an AntiPakistan party along with ANP .These are most dangerous then our enemies, and they want to 

demoralized our beloved armed forces.but we the youth of Pakistan will never ever allow anybody to do this criminal act. 

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