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{EOB} Report: JSOC Attack On The PNS Mehran

Sultan Hijazi | EOB Report

The strategic attack on Pakistan Navy's Aerial Base PNS Mehran in Karachi on the night of May 22 triggered a full-fledged counter from Pakistan's military. Our source inputs say there were 18 mercenaries in the compound who engaged Pakistan's navy, Naval SSG Commandos, Rangers and intelligence personnel for an estimated 15 continuous hours.


The planned attack comprised of mercenaries destroying the fire-station first so that their next target, the P-3C Orion planes, could not be protected from the fire that engulfed them after they were shot at by rockets.

Intelligence sources have shared that one or two of the attackers were clean-shaved and the rest were bearded. However, as pointed out by officials, they were not Pashtoons. Such reports of the terrorists being TTP militants have been categorically denied.

Officials maintain that the plot of this carefully devised attack is akin to that on the Pakistan Army's GHQ and the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, both of which took place in the bustling city of Rawalpindi. 

For the attack on Benazir, advanced laser snipers were used in which assassins had stationed themselves at buildings far from the actual site. They had taken a headshot which resulted in her death. It is maintained that Benazir Bhutto had been executed by JSOC operatives, the notorious death squad which is often known to collaborate with the CIA's Special Activities Division for highly-classified specops.

Speaking exclusively to Terminal X on condition of anonymity, one official who was present on the scene and was actively taking part in the operation has this to say:

"I have fought with them on ground and was examining their moves and tactics while engaging them cautiously so that least damage could be done. Having studied guerilla combat warfare, I can assure you they were no ordinary Taliban or Al Qaeda. These were special forces personnel. Out of the six mercenaries present in Building 1, I took out two myself".

Talking further, the official said that some of the items that were in the possession of the mercenaries in their bags included real-time navigators, night-vision goggles, RPG-7s with night-vision goggles fitted on top,  communication systems and proxy-bombs based on motion-sensor technology (which are installed on gates or restricted sites, they explode when someone passes through).

The question that arises in the minds of many is why the counter-operation took so long to finalize. The reason for this is the protection of the Chinese Engineers and a few American engineers who were in the compound. They were held hostage and NSSGs (Naval Commandos) had to be careful in taking the proper targets before any grave situation would occur. The operation turned out to be a success because the hostages were rescued. However, success does not come clean. News say 11 officials were martyred including personnel of the Navy , Fire Department and Rangers.


There was strong speculation that guerrillas trained by the Indian-RAW were part of the attack since the P-3Cs were primarily used for surveillance and advanced maritime threat analysis against the Indian Air Force and Navy in the Indian Ocean, apart from monitoring US naval activities in the south and south-western coastal areas of Pakistan. As speculated, the attacks benefited India the most since Pakistan's navy had literally been turned quite deaf and blind. However, that has turned out to be just another hasty assumption. 

Despite the existentialist threats against India, it is not possible that they can afford a misadventure in Pakistan at this critical juncture in time. The last time RAW-trained guerrillas carried out terror ops in Pakistan was the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team. Those were LTTE recruits which included Himalayan Gorkhas who were given basic target-mapping of the Gulberg area of Lahore and signaled for mayhem. To be noted that Himalayan Gorkhas were specifically used for attacks at the police training centre at Manawan, adjacent to Lahore. The attackers in both cases had weapons which are frequently used in terrorist acts in the country. They were eliminated/arrested within a span of one or two hours. In Manawan, there were hundreds of hostages and it took some time to end the siege since many human lives were at stake. At Gulberg, the attackers carried out what is known as a decentralized urban warfare (in the streets). They were wearing kameez-shalwars which are worn by the average Pakistani citizen (hence increased chances of camouflage). 

In the case of PNS Mehran, the attackers had specialized training. Hostages were not many in number, their aggressive defense mechanisms and sniper targets revealed they were commandos of a foreign army. This is what has been testified. The officials we spoke to made it clear that despite sporting beards, the attackers were of a surety JSOC operatives. 

It might sound odd. History is a witness that such cases are possible. On 12 May 2002, the BBC had reported:

"The two British operatives, arrested by Basra police and later freed by a British military operation, were identified by the BBC as "members of the SAS elite special forces" . They were disguised by wigs and Arab dress.
Iraqi sources reported that the Iraqi police were watching the two, and when they tried to approach them they shot two policemen and tried to escape the scene"

The original link to this news was:

Which has been apparently removed.

Since SAS operatives can dress up as Arabs and bomb targets, carry out depopulation of Iraqis back in 2002, it is not impossible for JSOC operatives to dress up as 'Taliban' and carry out planned attacks. One of the killed attacker's picture shows clearly that atleast this particular case has no beard unlike the hardcore-Taliban and the face figure in neither Caucasian nor Hispanic. It is White American in type:


Some of the objectives of these attacks by the JSOC mercenaries are to:

> Weaken Pakistan's Navy and instigate strife between the country's civilian populace and encourage targeting of the military institutions and their defense capabilities (Pakistani media itself has been helping such elements well).

> Weaken the electronic warfare capabilities of the Pakistan Navy and especially its aerial surveillance system for which the P-3C Orions were used.

> Another important objective of the destruction of the Orions was to give the impression that India was possibly behind the attack which could trigger a regional war between the two countries, an ideal engagement-scenario to strongly destabilize Pakistan and keep it busy while the US and its allied forces plan their quick escape from Afghanistan.
Present the attack as an example of Pakistan's "weak" defense capabilities and use it for a grand psyop which will express concern over the safety of Pakistan's nukes. Just recently, NATO Chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen expressed his 'concern' over the safety of Pakistan's nuclear armaments.

> Create a pocket of tension in Pakistan's south especially Karachi and nearby port cities like Bandar Abbas port and Gwadar so that China can be pushed back from gaining control of the strategic port-city and preventing the establishment of a naval base for Pakistan there with its assistance.

In the coming days, there are fears of more attacks in Pakistan. The battlefield is now not the desert or the air but the streets and alleys of the cities in the urban warfare that is part of a cleverly-devised scheme to keep Pakistan's military and security agencies messed up within Pakistan and divert focus from the countless external threats it faces from Afghanistan, India and the Arabian Sea. The enemies are not within, they have been deployed and 'manufactured'. 

The target is Pakistan's GHQ and the ISI, the fundamental obstacles to the globalist plan of breaking-up Pakistan on the lines of Ralph Peters' map and securing the mineral resources of Pakistan alongwith seizing the country's nuclear armament scattered across the 796,096 sq. kms. of the geography. For this, a series of carefully-planned strategic attacks will be carried out by foreign powers. In these testing times, it is upto Pakistanis whether they will stand by their military at times of crisis against the impending threats or directly/indirectly assist them by going against their own military and turning Pakistan into another present-day Libya, laced with civil war and destruction.

The world-renowned Muslim ruler Salahuddin Ayyubi (known as 'Saladin' by Westerners) was quoted as saying:

"If you want to destabilize and destroy a country, all you have to do is create enmity between its people and their army".

On a related security measure, Pakistan's Government and Telecom Authorities should direct Google to block daily feeds of the sensitive military installations in the country which make it easily available for anyone browsing the software to locate the compounds and chart-out maps getting directions and other observer details which can pose major threats.

Also: Former ISI Chief says he is 100 percent sure Karachi attack was a US operation

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