Sunday, 12 June 2011

{EOB}“My Boss is Allah, not America”: General Pasha blasts CIA Chief Leon Panetta

Out of all the director generals of Pakistan's ISI, General Ahmad Shuja Pasha has come out as one of the most unique and dignified leaders. At an international level, extremely responsible sources are confirming the incident that when General Pasha met his CIA counter part Leon Panetta in Langley, some harsh words were exchanged when General Pasha directly addressed Mr. Leon Panetta and said:
“Mr. Panetta, My Boss is Allah, not America!

General Ahmad Shuja Pasha, head of Pakistan's ISI
After these words, the tone of CIA's director Leon Panetta suddenly became more harsh and he used some very rigid words criticizing Pakistan over the coalition's loss in the Graveyard of Empires. In response, General Pasha, chief of ISI said that Pakistan is guarded by Allah the Almighty and it is a sovereign and free countryAfterwards, both sides exchanged some more harsh words which included some baseless blames coming from CIA's director on Pakistan while trying to hide his agency and country's own loss and incapability of defeating the fearless men of Allah in Afghanistan. General Pasha on the other hand clearly said to his CIA counterpart that Pakistan will not accept American occupation of its territory in any way and we know how to defend our dignity and safeguard our civilians. At this delicate point in history, we shall have to decide whether we would be able to maintain our dignity and honour under American pressure? Because we are going to be questioned by our upcoming generations. If India ever dares to attack Pakistan then Pakistan is capable of defending every inch of its territory and we won't hesitate in targeting and devastating some most important Indian military command and control centers.

After this meeting between the heads of the two former ally secret agencies, reports from USZ confirm that some major shifts have taken place inside the American State Department's Pakistan Desk. It is pedagogical to note that for the first time in history, even Pakistan's CIA-appointed stooge ambassador Hussain Haqqani has been practically and completely detached from military matters after this incident.

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