Wednesday, 29 June 2011

[EOB]6 Chinese Warships seen between Okinawa & Miyako islands

A Kyodo News helicopter spotted the warships, including two missile destroyers and three frigates, which are part of the 11 Chinese warships that crossed into the Pacific Ocean from the East China Sea through the same waters in stages on June 8 and 9. The six appeared headed for China in a convoy after completing military exercises in the West Pacific. It appeared that the remaining five warships are to sail through the same waters sometime later, although the Kyodo chopper could not spot them.
When the helicopter approached the warships, a few crewmen showed up on

 the deck of all six vessels, and some took photos of it with their cameras. Four of the six warships belched out black smoke as they increased their speed when the chopper approached them. The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyers Kurama and Chokai were also spotted tracking the Chinese vessels, while an MSDF P-3C reconnaissance aircraft was also monitoring the activities of the Chinese vessels.

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