Monday, 27 June 2011

[EOB]Pakistan kicks out British Military Trainers

WRITER | Enticing FuryPakistan has expelled a team of British military trainers sent to help with the fight against CIA and MI6 backed TTP and Al-CIA-Da as the fallout from the USZ circus that killed Osama bin Laden for the 8th time in the last 10 years continues to rock relations between Islamabad and its hypocrite Western allies. The Ministry of Defence confirmed that at least 18 military advisers, deployed as part of a £15m programme to train the paramilitary Frontier Corps, have been withdrawn from Pakistan. Most are already back in the UK, according to The Guardian Newspaper. Their removal is seen as an indirect casualty of worsening relations between Pakistan and the USZ over the 2 May Navy Seal raid in Abbottabad, which was conducted without Pakistani consent. British relations with Pakistan were also questioned when reports came out indicating in a crystal clear way, the involvement of British MI6 behind Balochistan Liberation Army and dozens of terrorist bomb attacks throughout the country including several mosques and religious locations.

Since OBL charade, Pakistan has sent home at least 120 USZ military trainers, most of whom were engaged in training the FC. The British team, a mix of seasoned officers and NCOs, had been stationed at a British-funded FC base near the capital of Balochistan, Quetta. The training scheme began last August and was scheduled to run until at least summer 2013. The MoD hopes to redeploy the team once the tensions abate. The decision is fair enough since several dozen times the interference and involvement of CIA and MI6 has been proven behind Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and the Baloch separatist group of BLA which is directly operating from London.

The 60,000-strong FC, which is deployed along the length of the 1,600-mile border with Afghanistan, has long been in the frontline of Pakistani efforts to combat the TTP terrorism backed by its hypocrite Western backstabbing "allies" and flush Al-CIA-Da from its tribal havens.The western hypocrite allies of Pakistan, under their charade of "military training" in the country, have been found devotedly busy in deploying a country wide espionage and spying network and providing information infrastructure to the TTP terrorists aiding them in targeting religiously sensitive areas to facilitate sectarian violence in the country besides hurting the armed forces. This program has now virtually collapsed as USZ-Pakistani relations fall to their lowest point in a decade.

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