Saturday, 25 June 2011

{EOB}USZ, UK, France announce to "pull out" troops as Operation Badar annihilates allies in Afghanistan

 WRITER | Enticing FuryAmerica's Zionist Puppet President the "Always Baracking" Obama has now officially ordered 33,000 USZ troops out of Afghanistan in the next 14 months with 10,000 to be withdrawn by the end of this year. On the other hand, UK's Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered to pull out his 1000+ troops from Afghanistan and now, French President Nicolas Sarkozy's office on Thursday announced a progressive withdrawal of French troops from Afghanistan. The withdrawal of France's approximately 4,000 troops will follow a timetable comparable to that of the staggered pullout of American troops, starting this summer, Sarkozy's office said in a statement. It is interesting to note that just days before this withdrawal announcement was made, Afghan Mujahideen's official website was deliberately brought down so that their motive on this can be concealed from the world that the allies have suffered the most humiliating defeat in the entire world's war history since the day history started.

According to the latest war reports received from Afghanistan, Americans and their allies have already lost more than 27,000 of their men and the cowardly puppets in the fierce Mujahideen attacks as Mujahideen mount and speed up Operation Badar, the spring offensive to push the terrorist invaders' garbage out of their country just like they did to the Soviets. And being the lying machines that America, UK and France are, they are lauding their fake victory in Afghanistan by making Osama Bin Laden's 8th assassination in the last 10 years, the base of their "victory pull out" from the Graveyard of Empires when in actuality, they are trying to run for their lives as the gallant Afghan Mujahideen start to show them what Afghanistan is made of.

While facing a shameful demolition and forced retreat in Afghanistan, the Allies are trying to do what they do best when their own people are dying at home due to hunger and unemployment: make their targets fight amongst each other. And undoubtedly their biggest targets in this area are Pakistan and Afghanistan. This very well explains the cowardly raids by NATO backed and trained Afghan puppets crossing into Pakistan's territory and attacking military and police bases whereas NATO helicopters violating Pakistan's Air Space almost every other week.

Pakistan Army and Afghan Mujahideen understand this game very well and that is why, despite several attacks on Pakistan from Afghan soil, Pakistan Army has not launched any retaliation raids against the Afghans as a whole but have only returned the favor to the NATO proxies along Pak-Afghan border. American media drones are taking this opportunity for promoting Pakistan Army as "sold out slaves to America" while at the same time promoting non-circumcised TTP terrorists as "Taliban" to distort the real image of Afghan gallant Mujahideen fighting with unmatched courage against the terrorist invaders giving their lives and families day and night to confront the sadistic enemy who loves to kill elders and rape underage girls of ages 12 and below during their night raids in Afghanistan civilian towns.

It's also interesting to note that the announcement of withdrawal came just 1 month and 23 days after Mujahideen launched Operation Badar under which all types of attacks were increased by 500% with simultaneous attacks on all enemy bases in all the areas, towns, in all the provinces, attacking all enemy convoys and annihilating the NDS (CIA's Afghanistan wing) and local cowardly puppets recruited by terrorist invaders for their own filthy aims in the region. It is also interesting to note that American and Zionist mainstream media has been whining about their "talks" with Mujahideen for over a year now despite clear cut statements issued from Mullah Mohammad Umar Mujahid on more than one occasions that the terrorist invaders have two choices: Either leave Afghanistan or they will be buried in Afghanistan. However media rhetoric promoting the lies and deception of so called "talks" with Mujahideen are just a coverup to cover the worst lost war in the history of Allies, much worse than Veitnam already.

An American vehicle wrecked in Afghanistan
The best part is still to come as the Zionist war machines collapse at home one by one by the end of this year. The Dollar is dying. Hyper inflation is spreading like wildfire in Europe and America. They're desperately trying to get hold of some sort of natural resources as fast as possible to stop their economies from dying by their disgusting interference in Sudan, Egypt, Bahrain, Somalia, Libya and now in Pakistan's Balochistan province. But in actuality it's only speeding up the process of their downfall as they keep spending more money on these wars when at the same time their economies are dying at home and nobody is buying their debt anymore. Here are a handful of fresh images received from Afghanistan. A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially here.

An American Terrorist killed in Afghanistan

An American tank wrecked in Afghanistan

An American tank destroyed by Mujahideen planted horribly powerful IED

American terrorists killed in Laghman, Afghanistan

An American tank destroyed by Mujahideen RPG attack in Afghanistan

An American tank devastated in Afghanistan

More terrorist invaders killed in Afghanistan

Terrorist invaders injured in Afghanistan

An American logistical vehicle smashed in Afghanistan

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