Saturday, 25 June 2011

{EOB}Facebook is likely to ban in Pakistan

Report | EOB
Lahore: Lahore High Court on Friday summoned the government of Pakistan after a petition was filed for a complete ban on facebook, the world’s most populated social website.
The point was raised in the petition filed by Advocate Azhar Siddique that the blasphemous sketches were being continuously published on facebook despite the court order while the government has adopted measures to stop this.

The counsel for the government prayed to the court to give permission for submission of the reply.
The court accepted his plea and issued the notices again to submit answer soon.


Anonymous said...

I think government should host anti semetic content like Dr David Duke's to tell them how it feels to be hurt.

XLI CODE said...

government should do that , but its fully CIA planted democracy. which could never ever do any step which will be beatifically for Pakistan or Islam ...

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