Saturday, 25 June 2011

{EOB}The Hizb Ut Tahrir And MI6 Connection

WRITER | Dr. Jassim Taqui
Islamabad: The ISPR spokesman Major. Gen. Athar Abbas disclosed that the arrested Brigadier Ali Khan and four other majors were detained for questioning on their links with London-based Islamist party Hizb - ut – Tahrir (HuT). 

HuT is an international political party whose proclaimed aim is the establishment of a global Islamic Caliphate. The party claims that it desists violence and that it seeks to achieve its objective through peaceful means. However, security agencies found something mysterious and dangerous about the party and banned it in 2003.

No grounds were given by the authorities on banning HuT. However, experts believe that the party enjoys close ties with MI6, which stood with the party despite complaints from Arab and Central Asian countries about its link with the militant parties that seek to destabilize these countries. Former President Gen. Pervez Musharraf also complained to the British authorities that HuT was engaged in propaganda drive against military leadership.

The party has been active in the Middle East. It sought to overthrow Arab regimes by penetrating their armed forces in an attempt to bring change by military coups. Therefore, one after another, all Arab countries banned HuT. 

Following Geronimo Operation, HuT revived its activities against the civilian and military leadership through processions, pamphlets, posters, SMS and write-ups in the internet especially in Facebook and Twitter. From 1986 to 1996, under leadership of Syrian born Omar Bakri Muhammad, HuT grew from a very small organization in Britain to a one of the most active Islamic organization in the country. In 1996 Bakri split with HuT over disagreement on policy , style and methods, and focused on another organization Al-Mujahajiroun . HuT is legal in Britain. It dominates the Islamic scene with some 8500 members. The SCO nations are very worried on the activities of HuT in Central Asia. The party leaders themselves never explain why is the party so interested in this region. However, experts believe that HuT is used by the MI6 as part of the Anglo-American strategy to contain the influence of Russians and Chinese in Central Asian Republics. HuT is reportedly linked to the Muslim Brotherhood which has long been a front for the CIA and MI6. the Brotherhood has been used by MI6 and CIA to weaken the independent governments in the Middle East. Former DCM of Egyptian Embassy in Pakistan Dr. Reza Shihata established in his Ph.D. thesis that the Brotherhood was linked with the CIA. 

He relied heavily on “see-only” references in the library of the American Congress on the secret contacts between the Brotherhood and CIA.

Presently, the HuT has been given the task of destabilizing Pakistan by targeting the armed forces , which is under attacks by TTP and imperial powers. The real game of HuT is implement the foreign powers agenda in Pakistan by demoralizing and discrediting the Pakistani soldiers and attempting to break military discipline. 

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