Monday, 18 July 2011

[EOB] Pakistan Army Recovered Indian-made weapons in Kurram tribal region

Peshawar: Pakistan’s military has seized a large cache of Indian made weapons during recently launched operation in Kurram tribal region, Sector Commander Brigadier Basharat told media on Thursday.
He said that seized weapons included, heavy guns, Rockets and others sophisticated arms. He added that the operation was being carried out successfully, purging the area from militants.
The commander said the forces had gained control of several areas and would take over control of Manato, an alleged stronghold of Taliban militants, in few days.
He added that the military was using helicopter gunships and artillery against the terrorists.
Sources said the militants using Indian weapons against forces were compelled to abandon huge cache of arms and ammunition when the forces stormed their hideouts in the area, killing more than 40 militants.

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