Monday, 18 July 2011

[EOB] No Doubt:The Barking Dogs and Pigs at the Pentagon

Unprofessional and inane are the only words that seem to come to mind when one hears statements such as those lately made by Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen. Let’s not even get started with the CIA-driven drivenmedia that is nothing but a tool for propagating a draconian American agenda.
To quote directly from the CNN website, Admiral Mike Mullen, on Thursday, said that “he believes the Pakistani government “sanctioned” the killing of a prominent Islamabad reporter, Syed Saleem Shahzad, who was murdered in May.” One can be pretty sure that instead of ‘he believes…’ a more honest view would have been that Admiral Mullen‘would like to believe….’ And will Mullen’s belief be followed up with some credible evidence? That’s quite doubtful because the same report about Mullen’s belief also quotes him saying, “I have not seen anything to disabuse the report that the government knew about this.” Well then, what is Mullen barking about when he has no evidence? He has no evidence but he chooses to make all these statements about what he believes in at a lunchtime question and answer session with journalists at the Pentagon.

Well, why should one be surprised considering the amount of lies the CIA and their media have come up with the past? With their lies spread via the corporate-owned media they have succeeded at manufacturing consent and brainwashing the world on many issues. However, they have a hard time furnishing concrete evidence to back up many of their claims, and the recent supposed Usama Bin Laden killing at Abbottabad is just one example. What makes it worse is that they even manufacture evidence, such as doctored video footage and photoshop images. How embarrassing it was when a dirty little American scheme was uncovered within hours; the Guardian reported that images of a slain Usama Bin Laden were nothing but photoshop gimmicks.
To come back to the main point; while Pakistan still is in the process of investigating the killing of Salim Shahzad, many will hope that Mullen can hand over some credible evidence to the media. Indeed, western news agencies will benefit from this and restore some dignity and credibility that they are badly in need of.
Sites referred to:
  • Mullen: Pakistan government ’sanctioned’ journalist’s killing
By Charley Keyes, CNN Senior National Security Producer
July 7, 2011 — Updated 2258 GMT (0658 HKT)
  • Osama bin Laden corpse photo is fake By Amelia Hill Monday 2 May 2011 12.03 BST

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