Monday, 4 July 2011

[EOB]Why Don't US And NATO Forces Take Over Zionist Israel?

In the name of human rights, democracy, protection of human lives and property, the US and NATO forces are bombing on Libya killing hundreds of innocent people- men, women and children. Why do the US/ NATO poke their nose into the internal affairs of an independent and sovereign country, and use UNO as and when necessary according to their sweet will, political and economic benefit?

Why don't they take any military action against Israel which has been illegally occupying Palestine by force for the last few decades, carrying out reign of terror, killing and maiming thousands of Palestinians, violating all international laws, regulations and morality?
Why should not Palestine have human rights, freedom, democracy and free market economy like the US and NATO countries? The US has made Israel a Frankenstein, like it made Osama Bin Laden and then killed him. Why don't the US commandos, CIA, FBI take over Tel Aviv and establish peace all over the world, uprooting terrorism from the good earth?

Source: Letter by reader O H Kabir from Bangladesh to the Daily Star newspaper 

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