Friday, 5 August 2011

14 August celebration at its peak in city of Lahore

The most romantic day in the history of beloved pakistan was the 14th of august, on which Pakistan emerged on the world map with marvelous ambitions. our forefathers (Hazrat Allama Muhammad Iqbal , Hazrat Quaid e Azam) try their level best and stake their lives for seprate Muslims homeland and work so hard that they not even care for their life. when Baba e Quaid know about that he was at the last stage of T.B , then he dont stop working , but their is no beyond the fact that he increase his work for pakistan and at last he died due to that terible disease in 1948, after one year of the creation of beloved pakistan.

this country pakistan is not just a country, its Madina e sani , because if we translate the word pakistan into Arabic , it would formed Madina e tayba or Madina e sani directly, so we should protect our beloved country from trator media and CIA planted Democracy. they are hurting our beloved country very silently and magority of us don't know about it. Geo (Jew) News is one of them , which is fully sponsored by CIA , RAW , and MOSSAD .And secretly funded by these agencies.   

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