Friday, 5 August 2011

America is under cyber attacks : CIA's warning to United states of Zionism

A months ago CIA official site was hacked by some unknown person. but that matter was privately not delivered to media. because if this news spread then america of Zionism respect would be vanished from the world. 
Now CIA officially warns americas government sites to be secure from hackers , otherwise it would badly cause damage to economy of the united states of Zionism.
Now the world is fighting with cyber war. And it is also extend on a vast scale on internet .As you may heard the word hacker , but you don't mess with mega hacking , here is my point , it is to be feared situation for united states of Zionism that may it would increase the loss up to several's million dollars through mega hacking. but on the other hand the world most top hackers are in Indonesia (Chilz ache) , China (The dark visitor) and Pakistan (Pakistan cyber Army) . but Pakistani hackers only hacked mostly Indians site and the site which contains harmful material for Muslims. 

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