Monday, 8 August 2011

Altaaf hussain , the biggest threat for solidarity of Pakistan

The biggest threat to Pakistan in this era is the traitors , which are spreading all over the media , and politics. they are fully sold, and some of them are totally working against Pakistan. One of them is Altaaf husssain (the biggest terrorist of Karachi, and the head of MQM (Antipakistan party)). Along with that party ANP (Antipakistan party) is also working against Pakistan at its peak. And media never gave reports on behave of that, because our media is also sold. and a few years before, the report has come on american media that Obama secretly gave aik to Pakistani media.The question arises that Why they gave AID to Pakistan media. on which job??? Just think about your true enemies. pakistani media is not the forth pilar of the state, its fifth pilar of the enemies.

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