Monday, 8 August 2011

The real story : Afghanistan downed Americans helicopter

Not long before, the report has come on media that the american helicopter after abbotabad operation was crashed down by taliban, but the reality behind that is somthing else. Actually the helicopters was not shot down by Taliban not at all,  It was shoot down by Pak Army ,or intelligence agency (ISI) of Pakistan. the news on media is not other then a big lie to the peoples.I have a powerful reason on behalf of this,
1. Pakistan shoot that helicopter because the helicopter was carrying secret information of a very sensitive area Abbotabad of Pakistan.
2. proof is that they have voilated Pakistan border.According to my observation, the very first helicopter was also shot down by Pak ARMY , and i am 110% damn sure about that.
Photoes from bin ladin compound
               They killed some other innocent guy on the name of osama bin ladin in the compound
But the main observation is that , Why Americans not reported their helicopter crash just after the incident, Why they hide this report from media, And why they wont tell that their helicopter was shot down by Pakistan armed forces, Is they ashamed of telling this news? A lot of question arises on this point. But the whole answer is that , Americans and Zionists are a coward nation at all, they don't want to tell the world that their stealth helicopters was shoot down by Pakistan armed forces. But now on pressure of the soldiers (who died up there in helicopter crash) family and their armed forces concerns they were forced to leak their information of 2nd helicopter crash. also the killing of osama bin ladin was fake.

After all i can say with complete confidence that our Armed forces is not sleeping , they are powerful enoungh to gave Israel and america a lesson , MashAllah .
Hazrat Quaid e azam (R.A) said that:
"Do your duty and have faith in God , their is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan"

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