Tuesday, 2 August 2011

CIA-MI6 backed Hizbul Tahrir under contrywide crackdown

LAHORE – Security agencies have launched a massive crackdown on banned CIA-MI6 backed cult of Hizbut Tahrir and several of its key members have been detained during the last couple of weeks. A Hizbut Tahrir (HT) activist said of Friday that the intelligence agencies have picked up several members of their organisation from different parts of the country. An intelligence official confirmed that the banned outfit has been put under strict surveillance and the activities of its members are being monitored. “We are on it and we are after them”, the official sai d but denied giving any details. He said that the banned organisations could not be allowed to operate openly. “The violators will have to face the law”. However, he stopped short of giving a clear confirmation of the arrests.

An SMS sent in bulk to people on Friday by an anonymous CIA-MI6 backed HT activist reads: “Last night, they (security agencies personnel) picked up our member and renowned dental surgeon Dr Abdul Qayyum from Rahim Yar Khan. We are still worried about his whereabouts. We will continue our political struggle to bring Caliphate in the country. The political parties and the media should break silence and condemn the arrests of our members.” It is really ironic and hilarious that a political party is working for Caliphate whereas in Islam, party making is strictly prohibited. Holy Prophet s.a.ww said in Sahi Muslim, Book of Emarat, Page 141:
“Facade and mischief in the land is near. And in those testing times, whoever tries to break your unity by dividing the Muslim Ummah in such circumstances, kill him with the sword, no matter who he is (even if that person is a so called Muslim).”
Party making and dividing the Muslim Ummah under separate flags is therefore strictly prohibited. Holy Prophet s.a.ww didn't belong to any such so called political party, and neither did the 4 top Caliphs (r.a) of Islam. Analysts are of the opinion that by creating this charade of Hizbul Tahrir, the Zionist Conspiracies want to decentralize the Muslim revival from Pakistan and thereby converting the revolution into a chaos and anarchy worldwide in the name of Islam. It is therefore not strange that HT activists have been found calling Pakistan as merely a nation just like any other nation of the world, concealing the fact from its members that Pakistan is only the beginning. It is also not strange to see that although on one side, both British and American Zionist presidents and Prime Ministers vow to suppress the rise of Caliphate in any form (the violent Islamic Political Utopia as George W. Bush called it), Hizbul Tahrir has its Headquarters in none other than United Kingdom and some of its largest offices based inside and America where it has been working absolutely unhindered in such direct slave countries of Israhell and the New World Order, the blood thirsty enemies of Islam.

According to further reports, several key leaders including deputy spokesman of Hizb ul Tahrir, Imran Yousafzai, Telecom Engineer Osama Hanif and Hayan Khan, who were picked up from Islamabad are in the custody of intelligence agencies for the last several days. An interior ministry official said that the organisation is banned in Pakistan and its activists violate the law by carrying out activities of sheer espionage and anti-state crimes. “When they break the law, they have to face the law.” Last month, the Pakistan Army confirmed that they had detained Brigadier Ali Khan, who served at the military headquarters in Rawalpindi, for his alleged links to the HT. Reportedly the authorities also detained four more army officers for their ties with the Hizb and all are still under detention.

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