Friday, 19 August 2011

Did Pakistan Transfer Stealth Technology to China ?

Well recently a Pakistan was once again accused of transferring stealth technology to China.The helicopter used in the OBL raid was a modified stealth helicopter.As per the Americans,Pakistan gave the Chinese scientists access to this helicopter.

First to decide the truth we need to take a look at the level of technology concerning stealth in China.China has recently made its stealth fighter the J-20.Though an excellent fighter but the “rumors” suggest that its radar cross section (RCS) is still higher than the F-22 Raptor USAF uses.Infact F-22 will still have the least RCS even when PAK-FA of Russia,J-20 of China and JSF F-35 lightning come in service.USA is the undoubted king when it comes to 5th generation stealth aircraft.

According to Chinese “4S standard” a 5th generation aircraft must have:-
-Super cruise
-Sensor fusion
-Super maneuverability
Now here we are discussing stealth,one can lower RCS and increase stealth by
-Hiding areas with big reflectivity (engine fan blades etc)
-RAM and Honey comb coatings
Now China has mastered the first two,even though chinese do produce their own coatings the USA has a bigger experience in the field so getting a RAM coating out of the USA is somewhat of a bonus.
Now lets go to why USA is in so much pain even though China has already produced a stealth aircraft.It is because of the fact that USA will shortly start to export stealth aircraft to her allies like Israel etc giving them one hell of an advantage and the fact that they get good money in return.

With China rapidly growing in the technology and already a new project J-2X underdevelopment just for export purposes,China has a fair chance of not only beating the export arms market of USA but also keeping the balance of power in check especially when we consider India and Pakistan.India has already been offered the F-35 and is working on a 5th generation project with Russia known as FGFA.With China already mastering many new technologies its aircrafts if not superior will certainly give the US planes a run for their money if used properly.
  • So did we transfer some technology? the answer is simple yes we did as it is in the interest of both Pakistan and China.I can go on and say with confirmation that RAM coating along with honey comb was definitely given to China for research.

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