Saturday, 27 August 2011

Iran’s policy regarding Palestinian cause hailed

Talking to IRNA, Zaid Hamid said that Iran has never disappointed the Muslim world as far as the issue of Palestine is concerned. 

“So we expect Iran to take lead role because Palestinians will be alone now”, he added. 

Zaid Hamid was of the view that reshaping of the Middle East is taking place in many Muslim countries and a chaos and anarchy is being created in the lands around the Israel. 

He said Americans and Zionists are doing this. “Because when they break down larger Muslim countries like Egypt and Syria then there is no other country in the region which can stop Israel from expanding”, he said. “Concept of greater Israel is what they are implementing”, he said. 
Zaid Hamid added that the issue of Palestine will get more importance because now Israel will get aggressive. 
“Palestinians never had a state, they were being crushed”, he opined. 
“Now Iran’s role will become more important because it is important regional country and their foreign policies have been influencing Middle Eastern politics”, he said. 
Zaid Hamid to a question said that there is awakening in the people of Muslim world. 
“People’s awakening is there but the regional revolutions are being hijacked by the Americans and by the CIA”, he said. 
The scholar said struggle is going on, in Syria the regime is trying to hold on but the unrest is being supported by foreign powers. 
“In Bahrain there was people’s awakening but regional forces came in to save the regime”, he said. 
He said there is confusion in Middle East right now and the power is in the hands of armed forces. 

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