Thursday, 18 August 2011

Karachi Killings spread to USZ - Pakistani Woman Assassinated in New Jersey

After the CIA assets have raised havoc in Pakistan's coastal city of Karachi, a new wave of terror has emerged inside USZ itself in which Pakistanis are being tortured, physically tormented, couples brutalized publicly and some even assassinated. In one of the latest events of this CIA backed series of Anti-Pakistan terror campaign, a Pakistani origin woman was killed and her husband injured after the couple was struck by gunfire in USZ. According to USZ police, Nazish Noorani was on walk along with her husband Kashif Pervaiz and three year old son in the USZ state of New Jersey, on Tuesday night when three armed men opened fire at them. Nazish and her husband, a Harvard Ph.D. student, were wounded in the attack but the child narrowly escaped in the firing incident. The injured were shifted to hospital where Nazish succumbed to her wounds. Morris County Prosecutor Robert Bianchi said Wednesday the shooting "appears to be target-specific" and that there was no danger to the general public.

He declined to provide any more details, saying it could compromise the investigation. Pervaiz graduated with honors from Columbia University and is studying for his doctoral degree in architecture and engineering at Harvard, family members said. Nazish Noorani was a native of Karachi, Pakistan, while Pervaiz was originally from Brooklyn, the family said. The couple married six years ago in Boonton, a suburb about 30 miles (48 kilometers) from New York City that has a large Pakistani-American population.

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