Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Pak-Army blasts Zionist Media Reports on Osama Bin Ladin Circus Stealth Copter

DG ISPR Major General Athar Abbas
The undamaged tail of OBL Circus Stealth Copter
ISLAMABAD - Pakistan on Monday rejected foreign media reports that its spy agency allowed Chinese engineers to take photographs of wreckage of a US Stealth helicopter that crashed during the OBL Circus in Abbottabad in May. The assertion made is not true and therefore we reject this report”,said military chief spokesman Director General ISPR Major General Ather Abbas. He expressed surprise at the extent of ‘kite flying’ by some section of the foreign Zionist press, and criticized the section of foreign media for launching a malicious campaign against Pakistani security organizations.

The DG ISPR advised them to refrain from quoting unmanned officials and should verify and cross check facts before publishing baseless and concocted reports. The Financial Times cited unnamed USZ intelligence sources, saying that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence had allowed Chinese experts to take photographs of the wreckage and samples of its outer skin that was designed to evade radars. The Zionist New York Times published a similar report. One of the modified Black Hawk helicopters crashed during the OBL Circus to kill the AL-CIA-DA chief in Abbotabad for the 8th time in the last 10 years, 61 kilometres northeast of capital Islamabad. The raid stunned Pakistan as its air force and army failed to detect the entry of aircraft from Afghanistan deep inside its territory.

The USZ commandos exploded the copter which had crashed into the outer high wall of bin Laden’s compound as they left hastily after the operation but they failed to destroy its tail, which had fallen outside the wall. Pakistan had hinted that Chinese were interested in the copter after a picture of the tail was widely circulated on the Internet. “But people close to the White House and the Central Intelligence Agency have told the FT that the Chinese were in fact given access to the helicopter”, the Financial Times said. Pakistan later returned the wreckage to the United States of Zionism after Senator John Kerry visited Islamabad as part of efforts to cool tempers. However, Logically speaking, Pakistan has all the rights in the world to hand over a pile of junk left over by the terrorist invaders to whoever it wants and the whiners shouldn't whine, especially after having violated Pakistan's sovereignty on several occasions.

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