Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Russia To Field 8 New Attack Submarines Within A Decade

The Russian navy within a decade expects to commission no fewer than eight Graney-class nuclear weapon-capable submarines, RIA Novosti reported on Friday (see GSN, March 16, 2010).
"We are expecting to receive at least eight attack submarines of this (Graney) class by 2020," navy head Adm. Vladimir Vysotsky told the news agency.
The first such vessel in the new submarine class, the Severodvinsk, is to begin a two-month test period this month in the White Sea and is anticipated to be commissioned into the navy by year's end, according to Vysotsky.
Construction of the next Graney-class submarine, the Kazan, is under way at the Sevmash shipyard and work on the third vessel is slated to start this year.
Graney-class atomic-powered vessels are intended to be capable of firing nuclear and conventional cruise missiles with top flight distances of 3,100 miles. The vessel can be outfitted with 24 cruise missiles, eight torpedo launchers, antiship missiles and mines (RIA Novosti, July 29).

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