Wednesday, 3 August 2011

USZ whining over travel sanctions slapped by Pakistan on USZ “diplomats”

In the most recent developments in the near to death corpse of a nation named United States of Zionism, USZ officials are howling like a group of meat deprived hungry hyenas against Pakistan who, rightfully, slapped sanctions against the USZ terrorists working against the state of Pakistan under the disguise of "diplomats" in the country. In one of the most recent developments, Pakistan detained USZ ambassador Cameron Munter at the airport and demanded an NoC from him, which is the legitimate right of Pakistan to safeguard its people from the satanic sadistic designs of these terrorists (Vienna convention or not, lives of human beings are more important).
Now the offended USZ officials think that Pakistani diplomats in the USZ could face travel restrictions similar to those imposed on American diplomats in Pakistan unless Islamabad lifts its curbs. ‘Reciprocity is always a consideration’, State Department spokesman Mark Toner remarked at a news briefing when specifically asked whether the USZ would slap tit-for-tat restrictions on Pakistani diplomats here. The officials, who were named in media reports, said Pakistan had been told that the Zionist Obama administration would consider reciprocal steps to retaliate for the restrictions set down last month by Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry if they are not rescinded. Toner declined to comment on the warning.

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