Saturday, 1 October 2011

Warning to Israhell : We are coming !!


Anonymous said...

12 tribes back home many nations who wished death upon Israel, have created their own death sentence!! Israel will always succeed they are unbeatable!!! We traded one precious soul for 1000 of dirty killers that's how Israel Stands by its people!! SCREW YOU TERRORISTS!!!

Anonymous said...

Israel is Unbeatable !! ?? hahaha
i think you have forgotten Salahudin al-ayubi.Listen .. you are scared and afraid of one saladin, but let me remind you we all pakistanis are sons of salahudin al-ayubi, we have already broke your teeth in 1970's war. when you people cowardly attack on Egypt, Syria, Libyaian air force on the day of eid. our air force shot down your miraj fighter planes within a minutes. alhumdulialh.

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