Tuesday, 22 November 2011

From Indus To Oxus - Book Promo 1-3

InshAllah, these emotional, passionate and romantic memories of yesteryears will serve the Ummat e Rasul (sm) well and would shake our nation out of slumber! These are the memories of a young man who drifted into the couldron of time to experience, observe and travel in the melting pot of history! Fasten your seat belts! This is going to be a truly emotional, soul shaking ride, InshAllah!

The most amazing journey continues to unfold, alhamdolillah! BY the grace of Allah (swt), the book is making steady progress. We shall soon announce the details here for purchase and availability, InshAllah. For nearly the last quarter of a century, we carried this Imanat upon our shoulders. Now we pass it upon you --- our future generations. Treasure it, respect it, learn from it and find the path of dignity, honor and courage. There is glory in the path of JIhad when done on the Sunnah of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). This is the story of a nation which rose to protect its honor and when a young man found his destiny!

‎"Nothing had prepared me for the spiritual and emotional thunderbolts I had received in Afghanistan during my first visit. Those were the most decisive moments in the 22 years of my existence. My whole perception and planning for life, career, vision, mission, passion and duty was about to be radically and permanently transformed. I had to make life altering decisions. I had seen the desperate situation in Afghanistan.

The Soviets had reached our western borders, threatening Pakistan's existence in the immediate short term, emerging as the new unforeseen but real threat. It was obvious that before I could settle the scores with the Indians on the eastern theatre, the Soviets had to be pushed back from the western front in order to secure our strategic depth. That would mean I would have to forego my passion for a career in Pakistan army for my immediate duties of defense of Pakistan as a volunteer fighter in Afghanistan alongside the Afghan resistance.

While the ultimate passionate objective of defense of Pakistan remained unchanged, the war theatres and my subsequent career changed radically. I opted for Afghanistan. For the next few years and perhaps even to this day, this dangerous and insanely adventurous life was to become my new career." -- From Indus to Oxus...

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