Sunday, 27 November 2011

Names of Soldiers Who Embraced Shahadat in NATO Helicopter Attack

Major Mujahid Shaheed
Captain Usman Shaheed
Havaldar Mushtaq Shaheed
Havaldar Aslam Shaheed
Sipahi Imran Yousuf Shaheed
Sipahi Abdul Razaq Shaheed
Sipahi Mazher Abbas Shaheed
Sipahi Tariq Shaheed
Sipahi Nasir Mehmood Shaheed
Sipahi Mujibullah Shaheed
Sipahi Tahir Mehmood Shaheed
Sipahi Muheem Shaheed

These are the names of Soldiers who embraced SHAHADAT in NATO Helicopter attack on November 26 2011, we will update soon as we get more info.

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