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TX Intelligence: Advanced threat report on the operation to remove Bashar’s regime

By: Zaki Khalid | TX Intelligence Exclusive
With additional reporting by Ziyad al-Shamsi in Egypt

Informed officials belonging to two agencies in the Middle East intelligence community have shared a glimpse of what has been developing in and around crisis-stricken Syria months after the official announcement by a group calling itself the ‘Free Syrian Army‘, headed by their commander Colonel Riyad al-Asad (pictured top-left, formerly in the Syrian Air Force) emerged.

The announcement came on July 29 2011 through a video in which uniformed men who claimed to be defectors from the regime’s armed forces called upon and encourage their former colleagues to join them. The main objective of this move, according to Riyad is, “…to work hand in hand with the people to achieve freedom and dignity to bring the regime down, protect the revolution and the country’s resources, and stand in the face of the irresponsible military machine that protects the regime”.

The details about what took place in Syria and who is actually involved in the deplorable massacres is yet to be ascertained with veracity, since the Free Army rebels have been killing the official military troops and the latter has been terminating defectors and civilian rebels on charges of treason against the State. Sources in the Syrian regime maintain that despite backing by the Iranian government, the Bashar regime is collectively in panic and has been making the wrong moves. Pro-government activists in Damascus attacked the Turkish, French and Saudi embassies, thereby triggering a furious diplomatic reaction. Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan has already come out with a threat that the government of Bashar al-Assad is “on a knife’s edge“.

[interesting to note that in a twist to geopolitical ambitions, Erdogan had initially opposed attacks on Libya, later he became an advocate of the NATO-led mission]

On Monday, Arab News reported:

Supporters of President Bashar Assad have attacked several foreign missions since the Arab League announced on Saturday it planned to suspend Damascus from the 22-member organization and impose political and economic sanctions because Syria had failed to halt the violent suppression of protesters.
Foreign Minister Walid Al-Moualem apologized on Monday for attacks on the Turkish and Saudi embassies in Damascus, as well as France’s honorary consulate in Latakia and its diplomatic offices in Aleppo.
France and Morocco have recalled their ambassadors to Syria in protest against the attacks on their missions.

Despite the official apology and promise of action against mischievous elements, Turkey is still flexing its muscles which is seen as a mysterious move by many in the Middle East.Commenting upon the defiant stand by Turkey, US Deputy National Security Advisor jumped in the bandwagon:
“We very much welcome the strong stand that Turkey has taken. It sends a critical message to President Assad that again he cannot crack down and repress the aspirations of his people…Turkey’s comments today further point to the fact that President Assad is isolated”

Rhodes’ profile is itself evident of the dubious personality that he is. Reportedly, he contributed to the Iraq Study Group report and the fraudulent 9/11 Commission Report, which helped guide the direction of the 2008 presidential campaign’s Middle East policy.

In this context, we also have to note another suspicious act by the Turkish government. They have given asylum to Col. Riyad al-Asad and 60 to 70 of his top aides who are leading the rebellion in Syria. Why Turkey has taken a stand different than what was expected and which directly benefits Western interests is incomprehensible at the moment.  
[Backdrop: Turkey stops ship carrying weapons for Syria as Erdogan warns against arms shipments]

There is however, one fundamental objective as always. Syria is also rich in mineral resources like Libya. Oil is found in large quantities. A report by the US Energy Information Administration on Syria (last updated on August 2011) mentions that:
Syria is the only relatively significant crude oil producing country in the Eastern Mediterranean region, which includes Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza. Syria produced about 400,000 barrels per day (bbl/d) of crude and other petroleum liquids in 2010.

Key geopolitics players have always tried to gain the upper hand in the quest for oil and related natural resources. China and Russia both vetoed a UN resolution proposed by the US which called for an action in Syria. The US has already set its eyes on Syrian oil but covertly (details later on). There are strategic motives behind this defence for Syria: China is Syria’s main importer.

Factbox – Syria’s Energy Sector (report by Reuters on September 5 2011 now removed)mentioned that China is actively involved in Syria’s oil industry. These China National Petroleum Corporation is a joint venture partner with Syria’s national oil company and Royal Dutch Shell in the main Al-Furat Petroleum Company which produces some 100,000 barrels per day (bpd). China’s CNPC and Sinopec are also helping to revive output under rehabilitation contracts for small mature oil fields in Syria.
Global Security Watch – Russia: A Reference Handbook by Richard Weitz mentions the strategic interests that Russia has with Syria has a strategic outpost against the growing NATO and US influence in the region, especially against the latter’s land-based Aegis missile-defence shield program that will be installed in Poland by 2018. NATO itself has added intensity to Russia’s anger by welcoming this move: “This agreement is yet another sign of progress for NATO’s missile defense system which will defend against current and emerging ballistic missile threats,” Rasmussen said in a statement on the NATO website. Richard Weitz notes:

Italy’s Foreign Ministry is encouraging its domestic SME’s (Small & Medium Enterprises) to take part in reconstructing Libya’s infrastructure. More than 150 such enterprises have already finalized their ventures. A major issue faced by such groups is that of security.Several security contractors have been employed in Libya. Among these, the most notable is SNE (Security Network Events) Pvt. Ltd. The Executive Director of SNE Ltd. is Jason Woods (pictured right), former British military paratrooper who has worked in Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan and Nigeria. A detailed coverage of their activities in Libya can be read here (for better understanding).
Advance Intelligence Inputs

Exclusive intelligence received by our informant in the Middle East discusses the grand attack that will be waged by anti-Bashar militants which will be the third and conclusive phase of the operation to replace Bashar’s regime by one more suitable to Western/Israeli interests.

Our informant forwarded direct intelligence sent by an undercover spy hailing from an Arab country within the ranks of the ‘Free Syrian Army‘ that preparations are underway for this mini war as commanded by Riyad al-Assad. This threat was noticed when more officers in the Syrian military who wanted to defect were told to pause their defection and keep it pending until further notification. The intelligence estimates provided says that the total figure of these defectors-on-hold is approximately 20,000 (twenty-thousand). Of these, roughly 2500 (twenty-five hundred) undercover defectors have been noticed moving around Syria’s borders with Turkey and Lebanon.

We have also been told that Israel’s intelligence Mossad has recruited Muslim Brotherhood activists with the support of the US. In a related development, Turkey is also mysteriously assisting these forces (directly or indirectly) in the name of aid. 
This plan was finalized after a meeting between rebels of the Free Syrian Armyunknown to the informant and UK-based security firm Trango Ltd., the same company which is working with SNE Pvt. Ltd. in Libya. Trango Ltd. specializes in assisting companies in high-risk locations.
The most probable objectives of this offensive is to:
Primarily demolish the possibility of a Russian strategic outpost in Syria and also the growing Chinese investment
Secure Turkish (Medstream) and Iraqi oil and gas pipelines to Israel

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