Sunday, 9 September 2012

The signs of Khawarji - in Arabic language

Khawarij are the fitnah for the whole Ummah today. In Syria, Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Somalia, Yemen and in the greater Middle East at large these groups are raising their heads taking advantage of the anarchy being created by the turmoil.

Rasul Allah (saww) has warned us against this fitnah in over a 100 Ahadees Mubarak. The most violent, anarchic and fascist ideology has once again risen its filthy head within the Muslim world backed by Crusading Zionists and Hindu Mushriks! We have made this document in Arabic for the Ummah at large. Please do your duty and spread this to all Arab contacts, links, sites and mailing lists. This is our war against the "dogs of hell"!

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