Sunday, 9 September 2012

The signs of Khawarji - in Urdu خارجیوں کی علامات

Your duty is to spread this Blog and its post on Khawarij of TTP! We have compiled all the references and videos on TTP Khawarij at one place which make this blog an extremely useful reference. which every Muslim and Pakistani must know. This is our own war. Khawarij are the biggest fitnah this Ummah has seen in decades. Rasul Allah (sm) had warned us against their crimes in over 100 Ahadees. You must join the war against TTP Khawarij. You may belong to any sect of Muslims, may come from any part of the world or community. Khawarij are a common enemy and common threat. Share this link to all Muslims globally. This duty must be done else be prepared to be humiliated or killed by these Khawarij -- the dogs of hell! 

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