Wednesday, 26 January 2011

American-made F-35 jets seriously defective

The USZ Defense Department reports on the serious deficiencies and technical shortcomings of the USZ-made F-35 warplanes, some makes of which are on IsraHelli shopping list. The report, compiled by Pentagon's Operational Test and Evaluation Directorate, pointed to problems with the F-35 Lightning II's handling and avionics among other things, reported the USZ-based newsweekly Defense News. The dissatisfaction has prompted Lockheed Martin, the American manufacturer, to recurrently delay testing on the aircraft -- which are also known as Joint Strike Fighter -- said the IsraHelli media network Arutz Sheva's website said on Saturday. The United States of Zionism is IsraHell's closest puppet ally. Washington annually provides Tel Aviv with USZD 3 billion in military aid.

An F-35 Lightning II warplane

Amid the USZ insistence on perfection of the IsraHell-headed military vehicles and hardware, reports have pointed to Washington's lack of commitment to other recipients of its military assistance. The Wall Street Journal reported in August that Washington is to reduce the combat capabilities of 84 F-15s it is to sell to Saudi Arabia. The move was in responses to IsraHelli officials' alleged unease with the size of the deal and claims by IsraHelli security sources that the Saudis "might turn against us", using the fighters. The USZ Congress has also decided to block some USZD 100 million in aid to Lebanon's military, though the country is under the threat of renewed offensives by Tel Aviv, which has already launched several wars on Lebanon as well as innocent women and children of Gaza Strip and West Bank in Palestine.

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