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{EOP}The Rule of Deception: Avenging Kashmiris

By Mehdi Siddique
No nation in the entire world, in the entire history has been enslaved by foreign forces for such a long period of time as Kashmir. It has been over one thousand years that this land of Kashmir is witnessing tyrant oppression, a rule of brutal regimes and barbaric rulers. Those having a good insight in Kashmir’s history would agree with me that this is the land where the ‘cruel as death’ Huns ruled in the early sixth century; brutal “Unmattavati ruled in eight century and

administered torture by the use of arm splitting, by the throwing of daggers which plunged into the hollows between the breasts of naked women, he then ripped the abdomens of the pregnant women apart to see their foetuses” (Majid Siraj: Kashmir Desolation or Peace). Despotic Harisha ruled in the tenth century who would plunder the wealth of commoners and subject them to huge taxes. And then the ‘Paradise on earth’ also witnessed the loot and arson of the Ferocious Tartars in the twelfth century who took with them fifty thousand slaves, nevertheless they perished in a blizzard crossing the Devasar pass to Mongolia alongwith all wealth and slave people. And we also remember the Afghans who invaded in the eighteenth century and raped and killed like lunatics. Then the Sikh governors in the nineteenth century who treated the people in Kashmir as little better than cattle for we know that the population was reduced from 800,000 to less than 2000,000 in their barbaric regime.
All these regimes, I must say were honest, in the sense that their ideology, their speech and their actions, all were same. The believed in ruthless oppression and this was their ideology, the openly denounced the Human rights of Kashmiris and this was their speech, they engaged themselves in mass destruction of the life, honor and property of kashmiris and this was their action. Thus their actions confirmed to what they spoke and that in turn confirmed to what they believed in. But in the twentieth century, the already devastated and shattered Kashmiris witnessed a new ‘deceptionist’ rule, wherein the rulers on one hand continued the legacy of mass massacring the innocent Kashmiris, or to be more specific, surpassed the previous rulers in torture and oppression, they without an iota of doubt crossed all limits of heinous barbarity and monstrous cruelty. And yet on the other hand they had the guts to claim that Kashmir was their ‘integral part’! These people, perhaps first in the world developed nomenclature for the torture operations; ‘Operation Shiva’ meant the flaying of the body until it dismembered, ‘Operation Tiger’ was aimed at killing by slashing with a knife, a little at a time and that would bring a slow and painful death to a Kashmiri. And yet this rule would beat its chest in front of the whole world and claim to be a ‘vibrant democracy’ where in none is oppressed and subjugated not even in the least fraction!
A unique rule which aimed to make kashmiris slaves both physically and spiritually and so services and jobs were given out, packages announced, IAS, IPS, KAS all were brought in. This is the Indian rule, the most cruel and the most barbaric rule Kashmiris ever witnessed.
Every Stimuli has a response, so Kashmiris did respond but in a bifurcated way. There was no sense of collectivism, no sense of unity at all. And people spilt. Some people were completely taken away by the wind of ‘jobs’, ‘money’, ‘opportunity’, ‘power’, ‘carrier’, ‘life style’ and other materialistic things and thus they drowned in it. They looked upon India as someone who brought in light and hope in Kashmir, they of course did forget the mass massacre and the monstrous blood bath caused by this rule in their very own land. Or maybe they were blind folded and they never came to know about these heinous acts. A second group emerged, whose hearts refused to make the memory of open suffering, pain and torment grow fade. They couldn’t forget the inhumane acts their brothers and sisters were subjected to, so they declared a war against the Indian state on every front. And yet a third group emerged who decided their path on situational basis, when they saw that Pro-India group is dominating they rallied all behind them and when they saw Pro-freedom group has broken the ice they raised the slogans of Aazadi. This is the group which is ultra materialistic, they look for their profit, so mercilessly selfish and so ruthlessly inhumane and hypocritical.
Why is it that a nation which itself was lingering as a colony for nearly two centuries was so keen to take over other nation and colonize it immediately after it got freedom? People who have lived under a colonial rule are generally weak hearted, they cant, under normal circumstances even think of colonizing other nation. Is India an exception to this rule?
It is a well established fact that Muslims ruled India for over a thousand years and it is also a fact that India was predominantly a Hindu majority. This Hindu majority had a strong notion that they were the descendants of Aryan race, a race which they believe was raised to rule the world. They considered themselves to be the rulers, and this character is evidently depicted in the ruling Brahman class of the Hindu society who would not even tolerate to walk down a road on which a lower caste Shudra had passed by. Not only that, they wouldn’t even allow them inside their religious places! Now when the Muslims came in, they eventually took the power and thus the elite Hindus got marginalised, they no longer could exercise their indiscriminate rule over the low caste Hindus. Furthermore, Muslims as per their faith don’t believe in caste system, as such all of the ‘then lower caste Hindus’ saw in Muslims a ray of hope for their social upliftment and as such they held a deep regard and respect for Muslims which of course didn’t came into being because of force. The Hindu elite class must have turned red, as they were supposedly ‘Aryans’ and ‘High priests’ who according to them deserved all respect even if they were tyrants! Some Hindus must had converted to Islam and that was something far fuming for the ‘High priests’. Now they had all the hate in the world with a phd in hatred against Muslims, but there was nothing much they could have done as they were now living under Muslim rule.
Finally when the British came in and took power from Muslims and they knew if there is going to be some one revolting against us, it will be a Muslim fellow and thus they used all means to crush Muslims and this phenomenon became more evident after the revolt of 1857 which was triggered mainly by Muslims. Finally in the Twentieth century Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar and Maulana Showkat Ali, popularly known as Ali brothers launched Khilafat movement. At a time when the British empire supported by France and USA was at its Zenith, these soldiers of Allah decided to wage war against the imperialistic British empire and bring it to its knees and establish a system of Justice, equality, peace and tranquillity. These were the people who knew Islam and lived Islam. At this time there was no significant Hindu involvement in the freedom struggle. It was around 1919 when MK Gandhi came to these people and asked if Hindus can join in with them against British rule. They agreed and it was decided that Muslims will fight for Khilafah and Hindus for their freedom. But now the irony is that we know MK Gandhi more than those who laid the very foundation of the Indian freedom struggle!
And finally India was now on the verge of getting freedom, and this was the best chance for the ‘Hindu elites’ to strike. They had waited for too long and they knew if they missed this chance they are going to miss it forever. Muhammad Ali Jinnah sensed the oppression which was in store for Muslims in an India which would be predominantly Hindu and thus he demanded for a separate state, Pakistan, for Muslims. This of course was met with a great resistance, nevertheless Jinnah succeeded. Hindu elites must had chewed their hands in anger, they were now frustrated, they had to rebut and ‘avenge’ Muslims. Jammu and Kashmir, came up on the scene as a ray of hope for them. The road leading to this princely state namely Guldaspur-Phathankote road was going to be a part of Pakistan as laid out by Radcliffe in his plan. But strangely it got changed overnight and now was a part of India. Now when Mr. Nehru came to know that Jammu and Kashmir is a Muslim majority and will become a part of Pakistan he cried! They seemed to have missed the ‘great opportunity’. Nehru who himself was a Brahmin, a high class Hindu who later turned out to be the mastermind who succeeded in bringing Jammu and Kashmir under Indian rule.
And now Jammu and Kashmir, the only Muslim majority state in the whole India was affected by the Indian blight. A cruel reign of terror unleashed and the worst kind of state barbarism was inflicted. But India simultaneously had to deceive the outsiders, not the world community, no, but its very own people, the Indians. India doesn’t require to deceive a nation like United States which itself is butchering down Muslims in Afghnistan and Iraq. Nor does it have to deceive a nation like Israel which is mercilessly killing Palestinians day in and day out and not even Russia, Britian, Australia, Japan, China who are all in one way or other harming Muslims. But yes, it has to deceive its own population, the so called ‘low caste Hindus’ in whose hearts is still the love and honor for Muslims. And so the puppet ‘State’ government is created (which is well known corruption hub), ‘fair’ ‘elections’ carried out (in presence of 8 lakh troopers) , ‘solid’ roads are
built (that of course can be seen around), ‘huge’ jobs created (so much so that graduates and post graduates and even phds are lingering jobless in lakhs) , ‘special quota’ for Kashmiris infused in ( where by each Kashmiri is suspected as a terrorist) and so on. And they have to ensure that the Kashmiri youth doesn’t get even a glimpse of real history and so they manipulate everything and so full stop is put on 1947, there is nothing after that neither for India nor for Kashmir.
This article doesn’t conclude saying that Kashmir’s freedom struggle is essentially communal, no, not at all. It is actually a war between a section of society who thinks it has the right to rule in what ever fashion it chooses over all other people and those who think that all are equal and righteousness is what differentiates between people. To support this claim we have the example of those people who are recognized as Maoists and Naxals, who have influence over six large states of India including Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Bihar who believe that India is yet to attain freedom because majority of Indians are still victims of caste system, corruption and tyranny

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