Wednesday, 26 January 2011

{EOP}28 USZ led soldiers killed in Afghanistan - American chopper shot down

In the late night hours of Jan. 20, Mujahideen from the Graveyard of Empires shot down one of the USZ invading forces’ helicopters, killing at least 8 American invading troops during a night raid in Alishang district of Laghman province, Mujahideen officials said.

USZ chopper which was shot down in Afghanistan

They added that the USZ invaders backed by the helicopter hovering overhead raided a village known as Mil Darah in Alishang district later at night where Mujahideen had already taken up position, as a result, a clash broke out and ended up killing 6 American marines bringing the number of the American invaders killed both in the struck helicopter and during the firefight to 14, while 6 Mujahideen were martyred during the airstrikes and exchange of fire.

In another incident, the Taliban Mujahideen have killed at least 3 french soldiers as mujahideen intensify their violent campaign against the USZ-led forces in the Graveyard of Empires. A Taliban spokesman said that the killings took place in an Afghan-French military base in Kabul Province on Friday afternoon. He claimed that a Mujahid, covertly recruited among Afghan forces months ago, conducted the operation. The Taliban spokesman also claimed that the mujahid managed to escape safely after killing the French soldiers, bringing the allied death toll to 17.

According to more recent reports coming from the Khakrez district say that an Improvised explosive device (IED) blew apart 2 Afghan National Army (ANA) vehicles at 11:00 am yesterday as he enemy military convoy was passing through Siya Sang Dara, killing and wounding all inside. Reports add that Mujahideen detonated a third remote-controlled IED and those puppets that were busy helping the dead and wounded enemies from the previous blasts were killed on the spot as well. 11 ANA puppets were killed and wounded in the 3 blasts.

To sum it up, a total of 28 USZ led soldiers were sent to hell during this weekend in the Graveyard of Empires. This has pushed the January death toll of the USZ / NATO forces in Afghanistan to 170+28 = 198.

Takbeer - Allah o Akbar!

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