Saturday, 6 August 2011

Indian spy arrested by FC in Chaman, Balochistan

India has sending their agents to Pakistan for spying in different sensitive regions. Our government and judiciary are also not playing their duty very well. their is no beyond the fact that not even single terrorist and spy is being hanged by courts of Pakistan. which means our judiciary system is fully collapsed. And we should restored it like the system of khilafat and peace. we must change it into a powerful judiciary like the system delivered by Hazrat umer (R.A).
According to the latest reports arriving from Balochistan province, The Frontier Constabulary on Friday have arrested an Indian citizen in Chaman area of Balochistan near Afghan border. According to sources the Indian man is a suspected spy working in support of the CIA/RAW backed TTP terrorist outfit against the Pakistan Army and the state of Pakistan. Reports add that the Indian national illegally crossed the Pakistan border where the paramilitary forces arrested him red handed. Sources added that the alleged Indian spy was shifted to an undisclosed location for further in-depth investigation.

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