Saturday, 6 August 2011

Pakistani Media: Wanted for treason

Pakistani media is not the fourth pillar of the state. Its fifth pilar of the enemies.Pakistani media is totally against the solidarity of existence of Pakistan on this planet. they are secretly funded by Americans , israel and indians. according to a report of american media . pakistani media was funded over 5 million dollars directly from president Obama. In which Geo (JEW) news and Express news were top named. Also if we observe the news blutin of our media , then we came to know that almost each and every last news is for zionists media (movies and entertainments) or about shining India (about indian movies and trailers). So we should realize our enemies , and trator media is more harmful then our enemies because enemies are infront and visible , thats why it is easy to attack on them. But the traitor and agents of Media are secretly invisible and attack on us secretly.Which is so dangerous for us. 

The whispering became louder and reached a crescendo when Raymond Davis, a CIA contractor was arrested red handed acting against the state of Pakistan.

To make matters worse, the so called arrest and execution of Osama drama was staged in Pakistani garrison town of Abbotabad to further humiliate ISI and Pakistan Army. This brought the relationship between the US and Pakistan to its lowest ebb, with US state officials like its CIA Director and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee blaming Pakistan squarely for imaginary crimes.

It has become imperative for the government of Pakistan, its intelligentsia, the people and the media to join forces to neutralize the adverse effects of the psychological warfare being staged to demonize and target the ISI and Pakistan Army. Those who perceive the ISI or Pakistan Army as the enemy are perhaps mistaken. They may have had grouse with certain individuals in these august institutions but to target the organizations themselves is like cutting the branch on which your own nest rests. ISI is not RAW and need not be targeted and needs national support.

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