Saturday, 6 August 2011

Rehman Malik Irresponsible Statement On Islamic Missionary Group

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Rahman Malik (Foreign Minister of Pakistan) is  most irresponsible man in Pakistani government. He is acting as a traitor and working for their lords which are barking against pakistan in america of zionism. that's why he gave an irresponsible statement on Islamic missionary group event. It is to be observed that the family of rehman malik is in London. and he also consulted seprated security company for the security of his family. what a coward and incompetent act is this ?
 According to report Interior Minister Of Pakistan Rehman Malik has said that "Tablighi missionary centre in Raiwaind is the breeding ground of extremism and terrorism in Pakistan as the centre has a major role in brainwashing the extremists".
Senator Rehman Malik told the audience at the security think-tank International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) while speaking on the topic of "Countering Extremism in South Asia".
Rehman Malik said that all the terrorists arrested in Pakistan had three elements in common: they have visited the missionary Tablighi centre in Lahore's Raiwind; their close family members have taken part in Afghan war of the Soviet era and they have been to one of the more than 25,000 madrassahs which have mushroomed in Pakistan following the USA and Pakistan's joint war against the Communist USSR. 

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