Friday, 12 August 2011

Obama's Terror Doctrine

Dr. Abdul Ruff | Pakistan Observer
Even while remaining a usual American politician of gimmicks, Obama's diplomacy has failed both abroad and at home because he is insincere. He has betrayed Americans and Africans, Arabs and non-Arabs, Whites and Blacks. Neither his allies are safe nor are his opponents happy. 

Both terrocracies Israel and India do not have any obstacles in bribing the US politicians cutting across American party politics. A so-called democracy that permits the presidential candidates to raise sumptuous “funds” from billionaires, multinational corporations and oil-arms-liquor gangsters in anticipation of return favors to the donors is worse than other terrocracies.

Does US president B. Obama have a doctrine of his own that could be tested and verified? Unless he borrows the updated Pentagon-CIA doctrines for promoting US imperialism, Obama does not have any worthwhile doctrine of his own at all. Many analysts admit that if there is something to be known as “Obama doctrine” it is just the continuation of Bush doctrine of pre-emptive war.

However, if one insists on finding one somehow because Obama, maybe for none of his own fault, is the top most leader of the globe, then, phrases like hypocrisy, double-speak, confusion, drone terrorism could easily be attributed to what could be called the Obama doctrine that is basically no so different form that of his predecessor Bush Jr. a continuation of Bush’s doctrine. .

Obama doctrine is full swing in sovereign Libya where NATO terror syndicate has been in an illegal war for months, revealing their collective insanity and jungle barbarianism. Obama doctrine is in live operation in Afghanistan and Pakistan where civilians are being butchered by high precision drones and terror machines.

Terror wars and uprisings have been gainfully employed by the CIA to advance US interests. 

But the western terrocracies under NATO terror syndicates are focused on the resources and flesh-blood of Muslim nations and they seek regime change only to put in place puppet regimes, as they have already done in Afghanistan, Iraq and now killing Libyans and looting oil only to enact a puppet regime in Tripoli.

Demonization of political opposition to manipulate the masses and continue the fear principle. The Tea party members also playing the game within the game promoting US imperialist trends, being just the reverse side of the same head. All this effort is for one goal only, to constantly bombard humanity into thinking that Muslims are terrorists attacking “innocent” western terrocracies and that it is powerless, weak, and hopeless. We little people are looked after “The Big People” because they are working for our best interests at heart and we are unable to do anything.

Obama was conferred the Nobel peace prize on pure speculation that as a leader of minority in USA he would strive for world peace. But his deliberate mischief was reflected in Obama's acceptance speech for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, after he authorized an escalation of the US war in Afghanistan.

Facing off then against then-fellow Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in a debate for the Democratic primary, Obama said he didn't want to just end the war in Iraq but basically to end the mind-set that got us into war in the first place. He was just bluffing. Obama has also proven to be a nasty war monger in escalating war in Afghanistan and starting a new war in Libya, killing innocent Muslims. Despite opposition from many allies and Democrats, Bush Jr invaded Iraq in 2003 bluffing that he would locate nukes there and Osama , President Obama is ensuring clear support from European and Arab states and then letting others—France and Britain —lead the military charge.. .

Obama has convincingly shown that election is a pure stunt to capture power and poll promises and popular mandate are just parts of the poll gimmicks. Since taking office in January 2009, Barrack Obama, the man of “change” broke every major campaign promise. He spoke one thing but did entirely different thing, pretending to be helpless against the powerful Pentagon and CIA operations. In his Middle East “major speech” later in Cairo on June 4, 2009, Obama declared like film hero that Islam is not the enemy of USA and promised to cement ties with Muslim nations and pledged to help create a new era of international relations and when he returned to Washington he dispatched new troops to Afghanistan and Pakistan as part of his terror escalation strategy to kill Muslims and fired high precision drones at Pakistan, killing innocent Muslims. Later Obama embarked upon a war of different type known as “uprisings” in Middle East and fixed his focus on oil rich sovereign Libya.

This hypocrisy is indicative of Obama, it has become a pattern since he took office that he says one thing and does the opposite. Obama said he would wind up the Patriot Act but he actually strengthened the act. Obama wanted to get out of the wars but escalated the illegal war in Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

Obama invaded sovereign Libya as his own contribution to Bushdom wars.

Obama said he wants peace with Muslim nations but invaded sovereign Libya, killed Libyan Arabs and looted Libyan fine quality oil almost for free in exchange for terror goods supplied to rebel terrorists for destabilizing Libya and killing Muslims. World cannot judge Obama by his words, but must look at what he does.

When Muslims and Islam are being targeted by anti-Islamic forces and their media lords and nuts, maximum Muslims who, instead of exposing CIA hidden agendas and defending humanity or facing the consequences of speaking out publicly for what they believe to be right, choose instead to hide behind anonymous log-in names to abuse and seek to undermine those with genuine guts and commitment to greater cause.

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