Friday, 12 August 2011

Pakistan denies visas to 12 American "diplomats"

Islamabad (ANN) - Pakistan has refused to grant visas to 12 American "diplomats". According to the sources, American government had issued a list consisting of 12 "diplomats" to the Pakistan's Foreign Ministry in which it requested that those personnel were diplomats and they be granted Pakistani visas. Foreign Office forwarded this list to the Federal Interior Ministry and the Security Agencies for clearance purpose. However, the security agencies, after their in-depth investigation of this list, told the Foreign Ministry that out of these 12 so called diplomats, 4 American personnel had already lived in Pakistan and were previously kicked out after getting declared as “Persona non grata” due to their anti-state activities of sheer espionage and terrorism in the country whereas the remaining 8 "diplomats" are in reality not diplomats because they are associated to the American security forces and are undercover agents. After this report from Pakistan's security agencies, the Federal Interior Ministry has rejected American request for visas and has reportedly returned this list back to the American government.

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